Coggins Checks In


Hope things are well with all of you! I am doing great over here far, far away in Athens, Greece. Did you know Athens was the first city ever established?! This place is jam-packed. It originally was built to accommodate around two million people, but the population is currently pushing about SIX million. So yes, it's always hustling and bustling. And I thought Chicago had a lot going on!

I live in a place called Gyzi, right in the heart of Athens, and I'm walking distance from my gym, which is fantastic. Thank goodness they didn't give us a car or a motorcycle (motorcycles are a very popular form of transportation) to get around in, or I might have killed myself trying to drive through these streets. I’m actually amazed that anyone drives and survives because it seems their laws are more like "suggestions.”

Nonetheless, it's a beautiful city and I'm fifteen minutes from the beach. I've tried to get out and go sight-seeing, but I've been lazy and like Candice said, “I'm just fine chillin’ in the house.” However, I do plan to go see the Acropolis where the Parthenon is. The Parthenon is the temple that was made for Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom (yes, I'm learning my Greek mythology). I also plan to visit many of the islands here once the weather gets a little bit warmer. It is around 75 degrees, though, so compared to ice box Chicago, it's burning up here!

Basketball is going well. My team replaced the coach two weeks after I got here in late January, and at that time we were ninth in the league. Now with our new coach we've gone on a five-game winning streak and have moved to fourth in the league. At first, European basketball was very hard for me to get used to, but now I feel a lot more comfortable playing overseas. It's nice because all of my teammates speak English…some not very well, but I can at least communicate with most of them. They really are great people, and have made the transition a lot easier for me. They also try to teach me a Greek word everyday and I'm finding myself talking English with a Greek accent!

Well, that's about it for me. I can't wait to see everyone back in Chicago, see my Sky teammates, and get back to the wonderful English-speaking city!! Go SKY!

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