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Dear friends,

Itís not good that Iíve already spent this much time in America and havenít yet shared with you all what Iíve been up to. Donít you all forget me!

Right now Iíd like to give a brief account of my life in America. My time here so far has gone by so quickly, as more than twenty days have already passed. It should be said that at the time of my arrival here I met many things to which I am not accustomed and felt I was in a strange environment.

With new teammates and coaches, a language barrier and cultural differences, I need to allow myself to become a part of this lifestyle and slowly come to honor it- from the beginning of uncertainties until I can share and accept this life. I guess it goes without saying that my ability to adapt will have to be strong. The team has provided me with a car to use to get to-and-from practice and for other everyday uses, and each person lives in her own two-bedroom apartment. The conditions are good and the team has been incredibly thoughtful. For example, they have provided Chinese television programming in my apartment, which I can enjoy in my past time.

The season kicks off on June 6 with the first game, and our first opponents are the Minnesota Lynx. Within the twenty or-so days of camp, we played three preliminary games through which the coaches came to make their decisions regarding which of our players were to be let go. So far the team has already let go three women. The competition is fierce, as just after these few preliminary games, one player can suddenly be out of work: yesterday all of us practiced together, but today one of the women is no longer my teammate. Only by placing yourself in this environment can you come to truly understand the cruel reality of this experience. Thereís a lot here, you guys are probably all sick of hearing about this! I have attached a few photos for you all to look at.

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