Chas Melvinís "Olympic Break" Blog

Hi everyone!!!

Chasity Melvin here, taking some time out to check in with all of you since starting our Olympic break. Now I know we didn't end before the break the way we wanted, but we did get Miss Fowles back healthy, so that's a positive. I'm not going to do much on the break, because as you know we travel like crazy during the season, so Iím not too anxious to jump right back on a plane to go anywhere. However, my mom and niece are coming to Chicago to visit, and we are going to be tourist for a couple of days. There are so many places that I haven't seen in Chicago, so it will be fun to travel around with them.

Other than that I plan on getting some rest and watching all the Olympic Games over the next few weeks, and the Men's and Women's USA Basketball teams BETTER bring home the gold. I've been playing overseas for awhile and I hated hearing the jokes after we failed to take gold in the World Championship Games. The media is saying the men have a lot more chemistry this year, but I just have to wait and see. I do know they have the best player in the world on the team Lebron James, my favorite male athlete. Not only is he the king of my heart, but he is the KING of the court Jack. LOL.

The Women's National Team is extremely talented too, but it will be a little tricky for them since they have such little preparation time. The chemistry will be really big for them also, but there are a lot of players that Anne Donovan can place out there together for familiarity including: the big three from LA, or the dynamic duo from Phoenix Diana and Cappie, who to me are just unstoppable. So even though the other WNBA players are going on vacation, there are a lot who would love the chance to compete for a gold medal, but I'm not gonna hate, I'm gonna congratulate, so bring home the Gold ladies.

Well enough about the national teams, the Chicago Sky will prepare hard these next three weeks to give ourselves a chance to make the playoffs, it's unfortunate we don't have Miss Fowles but she will just jump right in, I mean she's 6'6'' it wonít be that hard. We have as good a chance as any of the east coast teams but either way we want to finish our season opposite of the way we started. Dominque will be back and we should have our full roster. We went through a lot of learning experiences early so if we put everything we've learned and play with passion and energy I know we can finish strong.

Everybody's been asking me about the fight between LA and Detroit, and I must say it did give the league a lot of attention. Why does everybody like it when teams fight? I mean I had friends, family and people I didnít even know talking about the fight. While everyone may not know all the teams, they do know there is a professional womenís league. Now more people know about us, so ladies come on let's have one more lol.... I'm just joking!!! It's unfortunate that Cheryl got injured trying to stop the fight and Rick Mahorn gets two games for being a peacemaker. There isn't one player proud of what happened, and I'm sure it will be awhile before that situation happens again, if ever. There aren't too many players I know interested in missing games.

Well Sky fans I just wanted to let you know some of my thoughts, I will be on my bicycle a lot this month so please watch out for me, and to all my fans I will wear my helmet. I hope you enjoyed this. Until next time keep cheering for the Sky.