Chaney Update

Hey Sky Fans !!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. I must say I did!!! I had a great time back at home after being in Poland for two months. Hereís a brief summary on what I did for the holidays, itíll be like you were there too!!!

Of course I spent plenty of time with my family, just doing what we do best, kickin it, mom cooked, we laughed, joked and clowned around, played cards and dominoes. Whatever you can possibly think of, we did it. LOL!! It was such a nice time!!

I got a chance to catch one of the Lady Tigers basketball games and it was great seeing the fans and seeing that the Tigers are doing well. I also had the chance to watch the Chick-fil-a Bowl game. A big congratulations to the Tigers bringing home the victory.

That was pretty much my Christmas break, and now for the Poland update. I must say that my first time being overseas, the experience has been pretty good besides the weather, itís been very cold and snowy (itís been snowing for like 4 days) which Iím really not used to, being from the south and all.

Also, the time difference is killing me!! We are SEVEN hours ahead of yaíll back in Chicago, which is throwing my sleeping schedule way off track!!! Sometimes Iím up till 3 or 4 oíclock in the morning which will be 8 or 9 oíclock at night your time. The food here is okay. Definitely not as good as southern food or Chicagoís deep dish pizza!! LOL! But to me Poland has the best hotdogs!! Sorry Chicago, but they are awesome, so if you ever visit Poland make sure you get a hotdog!! I really havenít been site seeing yet but I will do that before I leave.

As far as my team goes, we are working hard, weight lifting, practicing twice a day, running a mile in the snow (LOL yeah right). I donít know what place we are in right now but if I had to guess I would say that we are 5th or 6th and are trying to work our way on up.

Iím sorry Sky Fans I have to go to practice, thatís all I have right now but I have a few pictures so enjoy I promise to have more next time.

Until thenÖ.. I hope 2009 will bring peace, joy, and happiness