Candice’s Blog

Hey Sky fans!! Hard to believe it’s been since the off season that I last wrote you guys a blog. Time sure does fly. Well, I guess I will start there. While I was in Poland I played against Dominique Canty for the Polish championship, and my team came out on top. I will say, the game was somewhat of a fluke. We won on a really really REALLY lucky final buzzer shot. So if you were to ask, Nique’s team should have probably won, but I’ll take it. On top of that, I was selected as the Championship MVP. So now that I won a championship overseas, I was excited to get back to the WNBA and do all I can to win the championship at home!!

Coming back to Chicago was great. I really missed you guys. I gotta say I was probably just as thrilled as the rest of you fans to see the new LED screen at the UIC Pavilion, definitely a nice touch. I was also glad to see my returning teammates, especially Jia, AP, Chas, Nique – who I just beat, and Brooke Wyckoff. Familiar faces are always good, it definitely builds stability.

Well, let’s get to this season. Right now we are on a road trip, we just left Minnesota and are on a two-game winning streak. We beat Detroit at home, which was awesome – it was as if the whole team was clicking on the court. Then to travel to Minnesota and grab a win there was just what we needed. Plus we owed them after they beat us on our home court. So like I said, a two-game winning streak and going up against Indiana. We know it’s definitely not going to be easy, but we all play our game and as a team, we could definitely extend our winning streak to three.

Alright, enough about basketball. Aside from what is going on on the court, I wanted to be the first to tell you guys that I started a band. I play the guitar – bass and regular, drums, and I dabble in some singing here and there. I would say you should come check out one of my shows, but they are all in the privacy of my own living room. I just got Rock Band on the Wii and I love it!!! So when I can, I talk as many of my teammates I can into playing with me, and it becomes so addictive. I don’t know how my dog, Cielo feels about my singing voice, but she definitely loves my drum sticks!!

I gotta run, but you can always check in my blogs on Till next time – GO SKY!!!