Bo Knows...The Off-Season

Hey Sky fans, Coach Bo here, and welcome to Bo Knows… Each week or so, I will provide you with some “head coaching” insight about what's going on in the world of sports, and maybe beyond. Who knows, I may talk about my favorite movies or places to eat. You may even come across some insider information about what is going on with the Sky! This week, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the offseason.

1. Your thoughts on the lottery.

Very excited about getting the 2nd pick. This is a very good year for college seniors. There are very good players with size as well as some of the best guards to come out in a long time. This also gives us a great asset to use in case any trades come our way.

2. What will you be up to during the off season.

Now that we know our draft pick, we will start to get organized on our scouting for the upcoming season. I have some very talented coaches, Steph White, Roger Reding and Steve Key that will be all over the country watching games as well as practices. Steve will be watching games in Europe in November and December. I am hoping to get over in December to see some games and also check on some of our players that are playing over there. Another thing I do during the off season is to go to NBA practices. This is a great way to pick up some things to use for our team. We also will have some time to see a lot of college practice, both men and women.

3. What are the players doing?

Most of our players just left to go play overseas:

Dominque Canty - Poland
Candice Dupree - Poland
Cathy Joens - Spain
Chasity Melvin - Israel
Liz Moeggenberg - France
Jia Perkins - Israel
Armintie Price - Russia
Carla Thomas - France
Brooke Wyckoff - Spain

Stephanie Raymond and Claire Coggins are finishing up the last semester of their school work. Kayte Christensen is hanging out in California, and of course Stacey Dales you can see every week working for ESPN.

4. What are you looking forward to the most this off-season?

I am really looking forward to getting out to some games. I will also enjoy getting to know some of our season ticket holders at some meetings our staff has planned for this winter.

5. What are you most proud about from your first season with the Sky?

I really enjoyed getting to know our fans and being able to feel their enthusiasm that they had for our team. I think being able to lead a great group of coaches and players through a season of ups and downs and being able to play for something in the month of August was a lot of fun. At the same time, seeing the disappointment in our players and our staff for not making the playoffs made me realize that we have something good going on here in Chicago. Watching our team as well as some of our young players develop so quickly against some great competition was also really exciting.

6. What was your biggest challenge moving from the college ranks to the professional level.

I think a big challenge early on was being able to get a team ready to play games in basically 2 weeks. As it is at every level, having to pay close attention to our athletes bodies and making sure that they were not worn out due to our schedule as well as the travel. In a good way, another challenge is being able to promote our team and league. We have great media here in Chicago and I really enjoyed working with them. That is a lot different than what we do in college.

7. What are you most excited to build upon from 2007 to 2008?

I am really excited to have our players back that were here last year. Not only are they talented but they are really great to work with. We talked at the end of last year about finishing on a high note during the last couple of weeks to leave with a good feeling for the off season. I believe we did that by winning 2 of our last 3 games and almost making the playoffs.

8. What NCAA teams are you most excited to watch this upcoming season?

Of course we will be keeping a close eye on 4 or 5 of the teams that have players that we could take with our number 2 pick, and I will keep a close eye on the teams at UMKC and at Oklahoma with whom I know the players and the coaches. I also like keeping up with the teams in Chicago. I think DePaul has a chance to be really good. I always like to drive up Lakeshore and watch Northwestern and the Big 10 schools. UIC looks to have a chance to do really well this year as well as Loyola.