Bo Knows...This or That

Hey Sky fans, Coach Bo here, and welcome to Bo Knows… Each week or so, I will provide you with some “head coaching” insight about what's going on in the world of sports, and maybe beyond. Who knows, I may talk about my favorite movies or places to eat. You may even come across some insider information about what is going on with the Sky! This week...It's either this or that. Below you will find a list of some of my favorite things.


Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Hotdogs or Hamburgers? Burgers
Coffee or Tea? Tea- w/ mango
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Dinner
Italian food or Mexican food? Mexican
Pepsi or Coke? Water
Order In or Go Out? Go Out
Pudding or Jello? Pudding
Portillos or Giordanos? Portillos
Fruits or Vegetables? Fruit
Taste of Chicago – Funnel Cake or Turkey Leg? Funnel Cakes
Eli’s Cheescake or Fanny May chocolates? Eli’s
Bagels or Croissants? Bagels
Deep Dish or This Crust? Thin
Gibson's or Lawry's? Gibson’s
Orange Juice – With Pulp or Without? With Pulp
Jimmy Johns or Potbelly? Potbelly


Cubs or Sox? Dodgers
Wrigley Field or U.S. Cellular? Dodger Stadium
Three-Pointers or Slam Dunks? Three-Pointers
Benny the Bull or Sky Guy? Sky Guy
Football Season or Baseball Season? Baseball
Water Skiing or Snow Skiing? Water Sking
Next Sky Bobble Head – Armintie Price or Bo Overton? AP…Please!
'85 Bears or '06 Bears? '06 Bears
Bill Laimbeer – Pistons Player or Shock Coach? Player
Michael Jordan or Larry Bird? Michael Jordan
Game of One on One – Assistant Coach Stephanie White or Coach Steve Key? Steph is too crafty


Hawaii or Alaska? Hawaii
Beach-bumming or Mountain-hiking? Mountain-hiking
East Coast or West Coast? West
Navy Pier or Museum Campus? Museum
New York or LA? LA
Lake or Ocean? Ocean
Millennium Park or Grant Park? Millennium Park
China Town or Greek Town? Greek Town
View from – Sears Tower or John Hancock Building? John Hancock
State Street or Michigan Avenue? Michigan Avenue
Lincoln Park Zoo or Brookfield Zoo? Lincoln Park Zoo
O’Hare or Midway? Midway


Laptops or Desktops? Desktops
DVD or Blue Ray Disc? Blue Ray
Pick-Up Truck, SUV, or Car? Pick-Up Truck
Hummer or Convertible? Hummer
Jeans or Sweats? Jeans
Dogs or Cats? Dog
El or Bus? El
Blue Fest or Jazz Fest? Jazz Fest
Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel? Roller Coaster
Tennis Shoes or Flip Flops? Tennis Shoes
Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times? USA Today
Picasso at Daily Plaza or the Lions at Art Institute? Lions
Double Decker or River Boat Tour? River Boat
Chicago Marathon or Polar Plunge? Polar Plunge


Morning or Evening? Evening
Saturday or Sunday? Sunday
Gold, Silver or Platinum? Silver
Red, White or Blue? Blue
Christmas or Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving
Top 40 or Country? Country
Winter, Spring, Fall, or Summer? Summer
Snow Storm or Rain Storm? Rain Storm
Stripes or Polka Dots? Stripes
Half glass full or half glass empty? Full
Better rendition of Sky Song – Jo Gilley or Soul Children of Chicago? Jo Gilley, of course
American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? American Idol