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Hey Sky fans, Coach Bo here, and welcome to Bo Knows… Each week or so, I will provide you with some “head coaching” insight about what's going on in the world of sports, and maybe beyond. Who knows, I may talk about my favorite movies or places to eat. You may even come across some insider information about what is going on with the Sky!

This week, I would like to share with you:

An Inside Look at 3 games in 4 Days

May 31 Chicago vs. Connecticut

10 am Shootaround at UIC

This is the time where we get to shoot at the Pavilion and go over the game plan on the floor with our players. Received injury report on Stacey Dales. To get her completely healed from her pulled hamstring we are going to have to keep her out this weekend to make sure this is not a long term thing. Kind of frustrating for her because she is playing very well. We will start Brooke in her spot and hope Jia and Claire are ready to go.

Noon Back to the office to finish up ticket requests for friends and return some calls.

1:30 pm Got a little run in before the game and grabbed some lunch.

4:30 pm Off to Pavilion with Coach White and Coach Reding. Coach Key meets us there as he gets video equipment ready for our players to watch.

Was able to talk to Connecticut Head Coach Mike Thibault a little before the game. He has really been good to bounce off some player personnel issues and little things that are new to me about the pro game.

6:40 pm Really enjoyed meeting with our season ticket holders at a reception before the game and talking about our team with them. The league president, Donna Orender, was at the reception; it was great to have a chance to talk with her.

7 pm Sky vs Conn.

Lost in overtime after leading most of the game. As I told the reporters after the game, we have to get better at finishing off games. Proud of our team, we really played well for three quarters. Connecticut has a very good team with very good players. Asjha Jones was terrific. Very impressed with how Candice is playing and I think Dominique is going to have a great year for us.

10 pm Went home to watch tape of game. We leave at 6am for D.C. in the morning.

June 1 Chicago vs. Washington

6 am Team meets at their apartment building for bus to airport. Our trainer, Georgia Fischer, also takes care of all of our travel. She does a great job with our players and is even better at getting us all where we need to go. I don’t know how she does it.

8 am Plane departs for D.C.

Really impressed with how our players, staff and coaches conduct themselves on the road. They really do act and look like pro’s. As we are going through security I notice that Claire says “awesome” a lot.

10:55 am Arrive in D.C.

What a great ride going from the airport to the hotel. We wind through D.C. and get to see most of the monuments, the Arlington Memorial Cemetery, and the Pentagon. Evidently Kayte has a dog that can get out of a locked apartment. I think it’s Hector.

11:45 am Coach Key has family in DC and has lunch with his mom. The rest of the coaches and I walk over to Rumors Restaurant for some lunch. We talk a little about how excited we think Chasity Melvin will be as she gets to play against her old teammates.

1:30 pm Take a walk down to the White House. It took about 10 minutes. I took some pictures for some nice girls from France with the White House in the background. I had a WNBA t-shirt on and a lot of people were interested in our game tonight. Brooke and Liz show me a great smoothie store around the corner from the hotel.

2:30 pm Back to the hotel where I have to get my shoes shined and some new laces put in. Candice Dupree will not let me leave the hotel unless I have my wardrobe together.

3 pm Coach Key brings me the DVDs of Washington so I can review some of their sets for tonight. When he shows up he tells me the news of Coach Adubato leaving the Washington team. Surprising in that we are only 4 games into the season. Really enjoyed getting to talk with him in our pre-season game. What a legend he is.

4:45 pm Bus to Arena. Looking forward to seeing my good friend Joe McKeon and his family at the game. He coaches at George Washington and coached Cathy Joens, who we hope to have back in early July.

7 pm Game vs. Washington

Great win for our team after losing in overtime the night before. Total team effort with Chas getting 15 rebounds and Jia really getting going in the second half. Candice plays well again and Dominique finishes the game off for us.

10 pm Coach White and Coach Reding meet me in lobby as we go grab a bite to eat down in Georgetown. Have to eat and get back as I have 6 am wake up call.

June 2 Travel Day

7 am Bus to Airport

8:45 am Flight to Chicago. The only thing I remember on the flight were the wheels touching down when we landed. Pretty good hour and a half nap.

9:50 am Arrive in Chicago. Great to get messages from our owner Michael Alter and President Margaret Stender congratulating us on the win. Harvey Alter called, also; he does a great job for us. Glad these guys are on my team.

11 am Lunch with friends at the Lux. Coach White and Coach Reding meet me there to go over our practice. Coach Key is getting the video ready for our players to see when we meet at 1pm.

1 pm Meet with players and go over video of game with Washington.

1:15 pm Back to the floor to get our players moving and a quick sweat so I can get them home and off of their feet. Our strength coach Ann does a great job with our team in helping their bodies recover from the play and the travel.

1:45 pm Players off of floor. Had a very good, quick workout.

2 pm Head to office to get caught up.

5 pm Stay at home and get caught up on some laundry and figure out what I’m going to do for dinner. I end up watching some tape and eating dinner at home.

June 3 Chicago vs. Minnesota

10 am Shootaround at Pavilion

Notice that the traffic is a little different on Sunday morning than at 4:30 pm on the week days. Only takes us 15 minutes to get to Pavilion. Team was very upbeat during shootaround. Being veterans, Dominique and Kayte will not let us have a bad practice. They really make my job a lot easier.

Noon Grab some lunch at the Lux……No, I do eat at other places…. it’s around the corner from where I live.

1 pm Get a work out in and I’m able to watch the tape of our game at Minnesota. Looking forward to changing things up on Simone and not letting her get off to a good start.

2:45 pm Coach White and Coach Reding jump in car and we head to Pavilion. I’m very lucky to have such a talented staff. We have been very prepared in every phase of the game so far.

3:15 pm Meet with media before game. Still don’t know why they want to talk before the game. Nothing has happened yet. Get a chance to have a quick talk with Don Zierden, the Lynx Coach. We talk about the other games going on and how his team is doing. Very worried about this game being against a very talented team and the third game in 4 days. I get a chance to check on Stacey Dales about her injury. She tells me that she is really feeling good. This is good because we are going to need her on this next road trip.

5 pm Chicago vs. Minnesota

We get off to a great start and hold on for a big win. Candice and Armintie are great early and Dominique brings us home. We have to get better at finishing games off. Minnesota never quit and I’m glad we don’t have to play them any more. They have a very talented team.

7 pm We give the team tomorrow off as we get ready for a big road trip to Phoenix and San Antonio. Coach Doug Bruno meets us at Ditka’s for some dinner. He cracks me up because he brings his NCAA recruiting manual to study while we eat. I keep reminding him that it’s an open book test.

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