Ask Stacey...

Hey Sky fans! Thank you so much for taking the time to send in your thoughts and reflections. I will look forward to continued communication in the near future!

I am a longtime Lady Sooners fan, as Sherri Coale coached me at PeeWee basketball camp at Oklahoma Christian University as a youngster. I appreciate all that you did to build the program there, and have enjoyed following your career since with the Mystics, at ESPN, and now the Sky. A few questions for you:

1. What have you done personally to take your game and your team to the next level this year?
2. Whatís it like to have such a strong Oklahoma connection in Chicago right now, with Coach Overton, and a few former Lady Sooners in training camp?
3. Do you stay in contact with any of your old Oklahoma teammates or coaches?


Thanks Luke for both your questions and support! As a player who is always looking for ways to get better, I worked diligently to take my game to another level in the eight month WNBA off-season. I dedicated my self to building better core stability, a stronger base, and of course, tackle my shot to achieve greater consistency and confidence. I did a lot of functional athletic training and spent many hours in the gym with my coaches. Besides all of the physical labor, I made a decision to be a better leader this seasonónow a fifth year veteran, I feel it important to be vocal both on and off the court, and, be a strong presence for this team in just its second year of existence.

Coach Bo is doing an awesome job with our ball club thus far. Heís tough and demanding, yet thoughtful and realistic. He is a leader by nature and believes in each and every player within his roster. The Oklahoma connection is great, but more, itís a positive feeling to know the kind of basketball savvy he brings to Chicago, while surrounding himself with a terrific staff.

I still talk to Oklahoma Coach Sherri Coale from time-to-time, and share a few close relationships with some of my former OU teammates like Caton Hill and Jen Cunningham. I will forever cherish my days in Norman, Oklahoma, and the relationships that were built while there.

You mentioned you drink two huge glasses of water first thing in the morning and you have this oatmeal protein meal. Can you explain the importance of drinking water first thing in the morning and what is the recipe to this great oatmeal shake you mention?


Hi Tiffany! I try to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water before my day starts to get a jump start on preventing dehydration. My protein shake usually consists of soy milk, protein powder, and a yogurt. If I make oatmeal, which is quit typical, itís old fashioned oatmeal boiled soft, with peanut butter, honey, and a splash of milk. I love to eat healthily Tiffany, and these treats get me off to a great start each day.

I'm a fellow Canadian living in Seattle, so first of all I'm very happy to see you back in the WNBA, we Canadians are few and far between in the league. I'm curious about your thoughts on something, why Team Canada can't seem to be more competitive at the international level. I followed last year's World Championships and it was disheartening to see our team's performance. Do you have any insight or opinion? Will you play for the team again?


Hey Paula! ĎO Canada! Itís always great to hear from a fellow Canuck. Team Canada is working every day to be competitive at the international level. Head Coach Allison McNeill is doing a fantastic job seeking new talent and developing that which is already within the program. Itís always challenging for us Canadians in the basketball world because as you know Paula, we donít even have the luxury of athletic scholarships at the university level. Funding has always been minimal which really inhibits training time and the union of a consistent base of players. But, as I said, the youngsters coming up in the system are very talented and with more experience, good things are on the horizon. I take great pride in my affiliation with the Canadian program, and always welcome the opportunity to play if the timing is right. Coach McNeill knows the game extremely well and will achieve great results because of her focus and passion.

I am really excited about your 2007 season. Looks like a superb roster. As an avid Lady Vol fan from the Knoxville area, I am so excited about Armintie Price being on the team with you. She was my favorite non Lady Vol player in the SEC. What do you think her chances are of getting Rookie of the Year? I am pulling for her to be a strong contender and look forward to following the SKY this season.


Hi RobinÖthank you for sharing your Lady Vol National Championship energy with us Sky players! Armintie is an absolutely amazing addition to our franchise. She is without a doubt, the most athletic female at her size that Iíve ever seen. I think she has an awesome opportunity to be this seasonís rookie of the year. Sheís an incredibly hard worker, an avid learner, and a humble soleóI truly believe great things are in store for AP both this season and beyond.