Armintie’s Blog

Hey, Sky fans!!! Since the exciting 2008 WNBA Draft, I have been so excited about the opportunity to play with Sylvia Fowles. I watched the Draft with Taj McWilliams-Franklin while I was in Israel. And I have to say, having Sylvia on our team is truly a blessing. On top of that, we added Quianna Chaney, who is one of the best outside shooters I know.

I was extremely anxious to get back to Chicago. All the players met up at Stanley's and it was such an exciting moment when I saw the two of them come through the door. Playing with them has been such a great experience. With Sylvia, I know there have been great expectations for her, and I know with the recent injury it has been hard, but I know that she has a lot to offer our team and league in the coming games after she returns. I am still excited about the season and I still believe it will all turn around for the best. I am so happy to be in Chicago, I love this place and our fans. I love my teammates and I know one day we will bring a championship to Chicago.

I am also excited to be representing the Sky as the reigning Rookie of the Year. I am trying to take my game to another level and be more exciting - to have another great season and get this team closer to a championship and better myself in the process.

We have a number of players returning this season, and the one person on top of my list that I am excited to be playing with again is Jia Perkins. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, cause you know I always am, I think she is one of the best players in the league. She is underrated and her name doesn't get mentioned enough. She is my defensive mate, I really look up to her, and we joke around a lot -- but she doesn't know what a great player I really think she is.

Also, it was such a joy to see Candice Dupree back - our two time All-Star player. I will say, it's nice to see someone on the court as pretty as me. Chasity Melvin's leadership on and off the court is a blessing. Then we have Nique, who is a strong point guard and an awesome veteran. Plus all the new faces that have helped our team grow.

Keep coming to games - we're gonna turn it around! We have a lot of away games in July, so be sure to listen to us on WVON, or stream it at I heard there's a new chat room on the web site, so you can talk to other Sky fans during the games. Sounds almost as much fun as playing...