Armintie Update

Hey everybody!! Itís been a while since my last update, so I wanted to let everybody know how everything is going here in Israel (since my first trip overseas didnít go so well).

Let me begin by saying that I wish I would have come to Israel initially for so many reasons, but my experience in Russia, even though it was bad, was needed. I learned a lot from being in Russia and because of my experience there, I appreciate my time here in Israel so much more. I love it here! Everyday I wake up and see the sun out -- itís so beautiful and the weather is awesome. It really helps that my teammates are all cool and everyone speaks English! Being in Israel is a complete opposite experience to my time in Russia, but everything happens for a reason, and I am truly blessed to have experienced both.

There are about 50 other American basketball players, WNBA players or former collegiate players in Israel at this time and we all try and go out on Fridays. We usually go bowling or to the movies. Either way, we have so much fun. Some restaurants that I love to go to are the SOHO, Dixie, and Hooters -- the food is good at all of them.

My team is now in fourth place. We played Jiaís team last week and lost by six points -- it was definitely a game we should have won. For the first time I found myself with one of the toughest jobs ever, as we were guarding each other, and I realized just how talented Jia is and how hard she is to guard. It was so good to see her, we hugged and chatted for awhile before the game and I was able to speak to her sweet little daughter Aalirah. It was like being back in Chicago and I canít tell you how good it was to see my fellow Sky teammate. It seems like there are about three Americans on each team, it is extremely competitive here and I love it. I am always up to the challenge, and am currently averaging about 19 points game. My high so far is 25 points, did you hear me, 25 points!! We start the playoffs soon which means I will have to play Jiaís team again, hopefully this time, Iím the one that comes away with a win.

Well, take care everybody, and thanks for following me on my adventures overseas!! I appreciate all the support Iíve gotten so far; we have the best fans in Chicago. Iíll be following the expansion draft this week, which is exciting, Iím curious to see how their team turns out, and I look forward to traveling to Atlanta.

Take care -- AP

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