Armintie Returns Home

Hey, Sky Fans! I have some breaking news! I wanted to be the first to tell you all that I am back in Mississippi for the remainder of the off-season. I arrived back in the States last weekend, and I have never been so happy to be home before in my life!

As many of you read in my previous blog, Siberia was not a fun place. But there were a few other factors that contributed to my decision to leave. The biggest reason was that our team organization was having a number of legal and financial problems. The team president was arrested for embezzlement and is currently being investigated, which made the organization financially unstable and unable to pay the players. The situation didnít look like it would improve any time soon, so after discussing my options with friends and family, I decided to return to Mississippi.

I have about four months until the season starts up again, most of which Iíll spend in Mississippi. But I will be making a few trips to Chicago for community events, and look forward to seeing some of you again. Plus, I want to see what is going on there in Chicago in the winter. Iíve heard some horror stories about the wind chill!

I am also spending time with my college team at Ole Miss. Iím excited to see how they do this season. Iíve actually been able to catch a game and it was a new experience to be back in my old gym but not be dressed and on the floor. Iím going to have to get used to the feeling. I am working out at Ole Miss and making sure that I am ready for my second season in the WNBA.

Well, now that I am back, be sure to keep an eye out for me. You never know, I might be standing in line at Portilloís, ice skating at Millennium Park, bowling in the lane next to you at Lucky Strike, or sitting in the stands at Ole Miss. I canít wait to be back in April!

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