Sky Inspire Concordia Student-Athletes

The speaking panel offered, the over 350 student-athletes in attendance, three unique perspectives of what it is like to work in the sports industry – from a coach, a player and front office staff member.

New Business Manager Bryan Van Den Bosch opened the panel by sharing his career path and experiences working in sports and also offered the students suggestions on networking and interviewing for sports organizations.

Delle Donne shared a story with the audience about her first few days as a member of Chatman’s team. She explained how when she arrived to the Chicago Sky, her main priority was to fit in. As a result, Delle Donne played it safe at practice and made sure not to do anything outside of her comfort zone. Chatman recognized her timid play immediately, pulled Delle Donne aside, and firmly said, “The blend must end.” Delle Donne relayed Chatman’s challenge to the student-athletes who looked on and emphasized the importance of building a personal brand to stand out in the job search process.

Chatman spoke more specifically about the innate characteristics student-athletes are born with that differentiate them from other applicants right away. The level of commitment, unpredictable work hours and experience overcoming adversity are directly transferable skills to careers in the sports industry. Chatman left the student-athletes with the following words of advice: (1) grow your craft, (2) use the resources around you, and (3) respect the process.