Sky Plans for the Holidays

This year for the holidays Sylvia Fowles plans to relax, eat some good food and spend time with her loved ones in Florida. She's excited to watch everyone enjoy Christmas. Because she's been in Russia playing basketball she misses the sun and wants to spend some time on the beach as well.

Shyra Ely just recently committed to playing basketball in China for two months so she won't get a Christmas break. But when she returns, she's looking forward to taking a nice warm vacation on an island.

Kristi Toliver only gets five days for holiday break. She plans on spending most of her time in Virginia with her family. She'll also make the trip to College Park to see her alma mater Maryland play in one of their Christmas games. She also wants to play on the scout team during one of their practices. Kristi's been in Israel since the end of the WNBA season and is real excited to come home and eat her favorite meals prepared by her mother. She'll also spend time hanging on the couch wtih her cats.

Erin Thorn plans to head home to Utah for her family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner, gift exchange and games into the wee hours of Christmas morning. After that Erin will head to Las Vegas for a gift exchange with her best friend. Then it's back to work.

K.B. Sharp will head home from France on the 21st of December and she's able to stay until the 29th. After that she'll head on back for the rest of her winter season.

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