10 Questions With Big Syl

Recently Chicago Sky center and FIBA World Champion Sylvia Fowles spoke with some of Chicagoís finest sportswriters over the phone from her home in Miami. Among other things they touched on the FIBA World Championships, the changes within the Sky organization and how Big Syl has spent her time since returning from the Czech Republic.

Here are 10 questions and Syl's answers from that conversation.

Question: How was your experience at the 2010 FIBA World Championships?
Answer: Health wise I was 100%. Just going out there and performing is a whole different thing. I wanted to do more and I felt like I could do more, but itís different when your body says something different. It was a test because I was used to being on the floor, but sitting back and watching your teammates is a humbling experience. It also gives you confidence to get back to where you want to be.

Q: How have you felt physically since the end of the Sky season?
A: I got my right knee re-scoped and had a cyst removed. Thatís what caused me to be out for 3-weeks. It was nagging, nothing too serious. I wanted to get it looked at before I went overseas or started with USA Basketball. If it was something I needed to get fixed, it was something I wanted to do now rather than later to prevent problems in the long run. Now Iím back to 100%.

Q: What has it been like for you to become one of the leaders on the Sky?
A: Itís something that I had to learn. Am I comfortable with it? No. Knowing I have to get it done for my teammates and myself, Iím ready. Itís something Iíve inherited over the years and Iím getting better at it as the years go along. Iím not the type of person who will talk. Iím the type of person who will lead by example. At my position I need to talk and lead that way.

Q: The 2010 Sky season was by far your most productive, what was different from previous years for you?
A: Iíd been hurt my first year and got hurt my second year too. I felt every time I went overseas I got better. When I came back to the States I kind of limited myself with the injuries. I made a promise to myself to play the whole season and play to my full abilities.

Q: How do you feel about Steven Key resigning?
A: I enjoyed my time with him. I think heís a very, very good person. A great person actually. Things happen. When things donít work within in a system, it's time to try new things. I think thatís the direction weíre going, trying to figure this thing out.

Q: What type of coach do you think the Sky needs?
A: We need a coach whoís pretty much demanding over what they want and how to get it done. And a coach with enough experience knowing what they want and how to get it done on the floor. I want a coach to come in and coach us to the point where we want to be. Get us to the playoffs. It doesnít matter as long as they get someone in who can coach.

Q: What do you think the Sky can improve on headed into 2011?
A: Our communication. We knew each other, we knew how each other played. Our communication [lacked]. We were inconsistent.

Q: How do you feel about the direction the Sky is headed?
A: Change. We needed something different. It just wasnít from the coaches or players perspective. They took it another step beyond that in the front office, which I can respect. Itís going to be different. And Iím looking forward to that.

Q: What have you been up to since winning the Gold medal at the FIBA World Championships?
A: Iím home in Miami, with my nieces and nephews, and brothers and sisters, hanging out with the family. I had seven days since the FIBA tournament ended. Iím supposed to leave [October 11] to go to Turkey. The little time I do have I tried to enjoy it every bit. Since Iíve been here, weíve been hitting up the beach like crazy. My days are: go to the beach or stay home and do nothing. Iíve been home relaxing and going to the beach. I donít lift any weights or anything like that. Iím not lifting weights or looking at a basketball until I get into a gym.

Q: Do you think you'll get a break before the 2011 WNBA Season?
A: Yes, Iíll definitely get a break to come back and recoup. I donít know for how long. If we players get more than two weeks, thatís like paradise to us. Hopefully Iíll get two weeks off and if I get two weeks off Iíll be refreshed and ready to go.