Chasity Melvin Chat Transcript

This Tuesday, June 19, the Chicago Sky welcome the Sacramento Monarchs to town for an inter-conference clash with tip-off set for 8 p.m. ET.

The Sky have made major strides early on in year No. 2 of the franchise thanks in large part to the recent acquisition of Chasity Melvin, who came to Chicago in a trade with Washington back on May 24. The veteran center has put up double digits in points and rebounds in nearly every game she has played for Chicago, and as a result wins are starting to come at a more frequent pace.

Can Melvin and the Sky exceed expectations and make a postseason run in the deep Eastern Conference? Chasity stopped by to chat with fans on on Tuesday afternoon. Here's what she had to say.

Shon; Irving, TX: What was your initial thought when you were first informed that you were going to be traded to the Sky? I want to wish you and your Sky teammates the best of luck this season and I will pray that you all can gain a playoff berth, that would be so cool and exciting.

Chasity Melvin: My initial response, I was surpised and caught off guard, but I was also excited about a new challenge.

Stephanie (Ashland, Oregon): Hello Chasity you are a great player and I have been a fan of yours for a while. My question is, was it hard to transition from the Mystics to your new team with the Sky? Did you already have friends or acquaintances on the Sky? Well thanks for answering my questions and GO SKY.

Chasity Melvin: It was a pretty difficult transition, I was in DC for three years so I was set in that system. I came over late. But the atmosphere here is so posititve that it helped the transition go smoother. I also know Stacey Dales and Dominique Canty from the team.

Mike, Washington, DC: Chasity, how is the style of play different in Chicago in comparison to when you were here in DC? Good luck!

Chasity Melvin: The style is different here, we have a more all around offensive game. We go inside and every night its different, different people step up. Its more fun. We try to get easy baskets off of our defense.

Terri L. Stafford, Va: Hello Chasity, I know the Mystics players have a close bond, so how was it returning to Washington, DC after being traded a week prior?

Chasity Melvin: It was very sad and it was kind of emotional going back since I had just left. It was difficult, a tough situation. But the fans and my old teammates gave me a warm welcome so it was positive for the most part.

Tranesa (FT. Lauderdale, Florida): How do you feel about your immediate impact on the this Chicago Sky team and how has it made a difference in the team's overall skill level?

Chasity Melvin: I'm excited about what I've brought to the team. It just gives me more confidence, knowing what I can do for a team. It makes me even more excited about where we can be because of the success we've had early. I'm still learning and trying to get more comfortable with the team each game.

Tiffany(chicago,IL): Hi Chasity. First I would like to say that you are a great great player. I love watching you play and I'm glad you're with the Sky. My question is with Sacramento coming in today, How do you prepare yourself against them? Keep up the great work and much luv from your #1 fan Tiffany

Chasity Melvin: Thanks Tiffany. It's really different because I haven't really won against Sacramento. I'm tyring to get my first win against them tonight. I really like the way my team is playing right now. We're going to try to focus on what we do and try to execute our stuff. We have a lot of respect for Sacramento, they are a great team. This will tell us a lot about the team that we have.

Tranesa (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida): Do you feel Candice Dupree plays better and has more enegry now that your in Chicago playing center, vs. when she was playing the position and still had to bring in big numbers?

Chasity Melvin: I think overall my presence has helped everyone on the team, especially Candice. They were doubling and tripling her inside and now they can't do that. We're going to help each other. She's playing really well right now and we're playing off of her. If they double her, then I'll go to work, which will cause teams problems. It's helped her out and it's going to help make our team a top team sooner or later.

Anthony (South Bend, IN): Candice Dupree really seems to be making big strides so far this year. What place would you rank her among the league's top players? Top 10? Top 5?

Chasity Melvin: The way Candice has been playing this year you'd have to put her in the top ten. She's in her second year and its just amazing what she's doing right now. She's playing great.

Carlisle (DC): You have stepped up big in Chi-town (congrats). What are your immediate and long-term goals (team & personal) with the Sky?

Chasity Melvin: My immediate goal was to come in and give some veteran leadership and help the team finish close games and we've been able to do that. My long term goal is to help get the Chicago Sky to the playoffs.

Myron (Ft. Worth, TX): Hey, Chasity. I saw you play against S.A. on June 9th and you were a monster in the paint. I felt you were the difference maker in the paint and have filled the void the Sky needed as a low post presence. My question to you is what do you feel the Sky can do better as a team to take them to the next level?

Chasity Melvin: We just have to keep learning from our mistakes and take it one game at a time and I think we'll be right where we need to be at the end of the season.

Deshawn_22 chicago,IL: Hey Chasity, I am really glad your on the Sky. What are your thoughts on being on this team? What do you think the future holds for this great city? Good luck tonight. Beat the Monarchs!

Chasity Melvin: I'm very excited to be a part of the Chicago Sky. Everyone has welcomed me very positively and because of the great positive atmosphere we have here, I think the sky is the limit here in Chicago.

Carolynn Zonia - Hinsdale, IL: 1. Do you have a nickname? 2. What is your favorite thing so far about Chicago?

Chasity Melvin: My nickname is Chas. I like the Lakefront, I like being right downtown and I have a great view. The Lakefront is the best part of Chicago for me right now.

The Official Chas Fan (Eastern, NC): Hi Chas, you are leading the league in double-doubles. Was this a goal you set for yourself before the start of the season?

Chasity Melvin: Yes. I have to give a lot of credit to Coach Adubato. He kept on me about getting more defensive rebounds. That was a main goal coming into training camp in DC this year. It was a big goal of mine and I'm working hard to keep getting them.

Sammy Albuquerque, NM: Ms. Melvin, How is it creating a face for the Chicago franchise. As a new team in Ill. you and your teammates get to mold the way people in Chicago see the WNBA. How do you go about making sure people have a positive view of the league? Thanks!!

Chasity Melvin: First of all it's always good to win. That helps with everything. Also, we have a very positive atmosphere here. Myself and my teammates love the fans, we are very fan friendly. Whenever we are out we try to market the Sky and push our team.

Tolu (Elsmere,KY): What other sports do you like besides basketball?

Chasity Melvin: I enjoy playing all sports. As far as watching sports on TV, I enjoy watching the NBA and NFL games.

Chasity Melvin: First I would like to say to my fans in DC that I appreciate their support all of these years. I miss my fans in DC, but I'm also excited about the welcome I've received here in Chicago. I've been in the league for eight years and I've enjoyed all of the support I've received from all of my fans. Also, I have a website coming soon, we're just getting it finished up now. All my fans can go there and learn more about me and hopefuly we can do some more interactive stuff there too.