Sky Hoops with House, 2013 edition! Iím back! As always, I will share with you a little of what is going on as we prepare for the upcoming draft, our third training camp in May, free agency and hopefully answer your questions. So make sure to send them to me!

We have been so busy getting ready for the 2013 season, I just havenít hit you up with what Iíve been doing, but letís get started!

Did you all catch my early video addition of Sky Hoops with House on my ABR website? It was just a quick trip and a short video (at the bottom) but check it out. What a great game and event! I took Amtrak to the game. I love the train! No messing with airports, traffic, parking, anything. I had free wifi, meals and snacks, it was a scouting travel dream!

OK, let me guess...

Question #1: ďWho are we drafting?...Ē

Question #2: ďIs there any way Phoenix doesnít take Griner?Ē Iíll answer this one first, itís easy. No.

The 2013 draft is a tremendous draft! It is deep and there is a little bit of everything. We have so many choices!

My breakdown of the 2013 ďTOP 10Ē (actually 11), by position...


Brittney Griner C

Carolyn Davis F/C


Elena Delle Donne F

Markel Walker F

Tianna Hawkins F


Ta'Shauna "Sugar" Rodgers G

Tayler Hill G


Skylar Diggins PTG

Lindsey Moore PTG

Angel Goodrich PTG

Alex Bentley PTG

I have been to about 8 games live and watched over 100 on TV, computer or replay on Synergy. Pokey and I have reviewed who and what games she wants covered during February and I will be in Washington, DC, Delaware, New York, Indiana, Connecticut and North Carolina. Iíll tweet you out some in arena pics along the way.

Our work for preparing for the #2 pick is much more than just watching the top prospects play. It is very important for us to do the research on the ďpersonĒ behind the player. I spend a great deal of time researching with coaches, trainers, opposing coaches, TV analysts and others to get as many different perceptions of the player as possible. Who they are, how they think, how they practice, what are their interests, what drives them and what goals they have. Really, this is the harder part. Watching games live or on Synergy and determining whether or not a player can play in the WNBA and help our roster is the easy part. Each of the above listed payers is very talented and capable of helping a WNBA team if they find the right roster and situation. It is very important on our part to make sure we do our work to that end.

So, who do we take? PTG? Forward? Combo? Still working on it, check back with me and Iíll see if Pokey has freed up the answer by the next time we get together.

PLAYERS CORNER: I have spoken, via email, DM, chat and/or Skype to several of our players over the past couple weeks and everyone is so excited about how their and our off season prep is going. Everyone seems ready to get back to the practice facility and get started right now. Swin and Ruth have been so incredibly active stateside, T Young has been busy working on her game and everyone else is playing hard overseas. Make sure to follow and check them all out!

If you havenít already checked out the Overseas Update on our players, make sure you do!

Hey! Click here to check out part of Slootís off-season training while she was home - INTENSE! Year three is often the breakout year for WNBA players..... remember I told you that.

Thanks Sky FansÖ Iíll catch up with you again in a couple of weeks with some more NCAA Updates and a recap of free agency.

Send me those questions by posting them on the Official Sky Facebook Page!

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