What Does It Mean To Be Part of The Chicago Sky?

1. Giving It Our All
Hard work and discipline come naturally to Chicagoans. Building upon that heritage, the Sky will bring a “can-do” attitude to every minute of every game of every season.

2. Focusing on Fans
For the Sky, winning is not the only goal. It’s winning with an unwavering commitment to making the fan experience the best and most fun it can possibly be.

3. Dreaming Big
The Sky will know no limits, seeking to inspire themselves and everyone they touch to achieve their dreams. As Helen Keller once said, “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.”

4. Serving the Community
The Sky will demonstrate unselfish teamwork, on and off the court. Together this team will reach out, with an open and approachable style, making connections at schools, in neighborhoods, and in communities throughout Chicago and beyond.

5. Playing with High Energy
Focused on the fundamentals that make the game a joy to watch, the Sky will present exceptional women’s basketball, with play that is intense and action packed. If you like the game, you will love the Chicago Sky, as it competes with equal shares of sweat and heart.