Installment Eleven
I just got back from the NBA All-Star weekend in Houston and got to catch up with some old friends. Now it’s time to refocus on the women’s game and turn my attention to the upcoming college conference tournaments leading up to the April draft.

Despite the winter blast we have had, spring really is around the corner and that means college basketball tournaments, college basketball tournaments and more college basketball tournaments!

Tourneys start March 2 and run through the 7th. The top 27 college players eligible for the draft are basically in five different conferences. The most highly touted seniors are in the SEC, the Big East and the ACC; players from the Big 10 and the Big 12 fill out the list. Assistant Coach Steve Key and I, along with a scout, will be at all the tournaments to get a look at everyone we might draft.

The Sky has the 6th overall draft pick behind: 1. Minnesota 2. Phoenix 3. Charlotte 4. San Antonio 5. Washington

Charlotte finished with the worst record and San Antonio the second worst, but both teams moved down in the lottery by the luck (or unluck) of the draw. Minnesota finished at 14-20 and ended up four spots better than if they just went by record. Phoenix finished third worst at 7-27 and Washington ended up where it belonged.

In the eight years of the league draft, 79 of the 113 first-round picks have made a team; 28 of the 113 second-round picks have stuck and 10 of the 113 third-round picks. Last year, 12 of the 13 first rounders made it; 8 of 12 second rounders and 2 of 12 in the third round. In 2004, too, 12 of the first 13 ended up on a WNBA roster. Those numbers tell me that we will be able to land some really good talent in April.

If you want a chance to see in person some of the good college players out there, don’t forget that DePaul University is hosting the first/second round of the NCAA tournament March 18-20 at the Allstate Arena.

Ready. Set. Soar.