Toni Young

Toni Young has been a standout since high school, what makes her so talented and consistent?

Klop: Toni is such a tremendous athlete and has worked hard at OSU to develop her basketball skills. She runs the floor hard and is an excellent finisher around the rim. She is expanding her shooting range and has a soft touch to 15'. She plays with a lot of energy and is an excellent rebounder and defender.

In what ways is Young one of Oklahoma State's clutch players?

Klop: Toni has been instrumental in helping lead OSU to a successful year. She helps control a game with her ability to rebound and she is an efficient scorer. She is a 1st round prospect in the WNBA draft because of her athleticism and rebounding ability.

How will Young constancy on the court help a WNBA team?

Klop: Young is so athletic and her skill set is improving rapidly. Her high energy game and ability to defend and rebound are the traits that pique the interest of WNBA teams.

Young will leave a great impression at Oklahoma State, will she be able to make her stamp in the WNBA?

Klop: There is always an adjustment period for rookies that come into the WNBA but Young is so athletic and rebounds so well that she will be able to contribute in the League as a rookie. Coach Littell and the OSU staff has done an excellent job of helping Toni develop her game and of course she will be sorely missed in Stillwater.