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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Detroit Shock Guard Andrea Stinson Chat Transcript

The Detroit Shock signed three-time WNBA All-Star and unrestricted free agent Andrea Stinson to a contract on Monday, May 9.

Stinson is one of 11 players in the league still remaining from the WNBA's inaugural season, and is the third leading scorer in the history of the league.

Stinson's name can be found among nearly every major career statistical category in the 2005 Official WNBA Guide & Register. In addition to her third-place ranking in scoring she is second in minutes played, fifth in assists, seventh in steals and 13th in rebounding, She also shares the league record with Teresa Weatherspoon for consecutive games played, and is alone atop the list of consecutive games started in WNBA history.

Stinson sat down to chat with Shock fans on Thursday, May 19.

Andrea Stinson: Thanks for joining me online for the Detroit Shock chat. I'm delighted to be a part of the Detroit Shock this season. I'm looking forward to talking to all of the fans and seeing them at the games.

Antwane, Southfield: Good to have you! I have been a big fan from afar. Is there anything that impressed you so far about your new teammates?

Andrea Stinson: What has impressed me most is that they have accepted me as a teammate and a veteran player in the league. I appreciate that from my teammates and the coaching staff. I'm looking forward to playing and competing against the league with them because they're such competitive players.

Kevin: (Ontario, Canada): : Hi there I have two quick questions for you: 1. I was wondering, what is your basketball new year resolution going to be this year? 2. What jersey number are you going to wear now that 32 is already taken by Swin Cash? GO SHOCK!

Andrea Stinson: 1. My news yearís resolution is to win a WNBA Championship. I think this team is the best team to do that with. 2. My jersey number is going to be number seven.

Willie Detroit: What are some of the things you're going to do to help the Shock?

Andrea Stinson: That's a good question. I think that with my veteran experience, it gives the girls a chance to work with a veteran. They have a lot of young players on this Shock team. I'm here to help in any way, when I'm called upon, and I will do my part. Basically, I'm going to be a veteran leader on and off the court.

KK (California): Andrea, who is your favorite player in the NBA? Is there anyone in the NBA that you would like to play one-on-one? What do you do in the off-season to stay in shape?

Andrea Stinson: My favorite player in the NBA as of now is a tie between Dwyane Wade and Steve Nash. Who would I want to play one-on-one? That's a good question, I would have to say that I would play Carmelo Anthony one-on-one. In the off-season I'm playing in Europe and Turkey.

Karisa (Lancaster,CA): Hey Andrea, how are you? How does it feel to be apart of the Detroit Shock? What kind of music do you listen to before game time? What do you do in your spare time? Good luck this season.

Andrea Stinson: It feels great to be here. After being with the Sting for eight years, it feels great. It's different scenery and I've really enjoyed Detroit so far. As far as music goes, I listen to a little bit of gospel, a little bit of rap and a little bit of everything else I have on my iPod. In my spare time I watch movies and TV, I write, I love to shop and talk on the phone.

Jenny (Atlanta): What is your secret to longevity in the WNBA?

Andrea Stinson: Well, my secret is to eat healthy, stay in great condition, work hard and have confidence in myself.

Roger (Southfield, MI): Who is your favorite NBA team? Will you become a Pistons fan now or will you still like Charlotte and/or New Orleans?

Andrea Stinson: Actually, I've been a Pistons fan before. I like the guys in Detroit, they play hard and work hard all of the time. I really don't have a favorite team; I like the different styles of plays on different teams like Dallas and Phoenix. I also enjoyed watching Chicago this year - they had a great season.

Jason (Traverse City): I am a male and a huge WNBA fan. What would you do to try to get more males to watch such a fantastic sport?

Andrea Stinson: The thing about males is they have to see how we play a different style of basketball than the men do. We have more of a team-oriented game while the men play more of a one-on-one game. Once they see that we play a more team-oriented game, they'll get more interested in watching us play.

Charlotte: Hey Stint, we missed you here in Charlotte. You still our heart and soul and our #1. What's like in Detroit? Do you like it there? What about your new teammates? I'll be cheering for you when you come home to play us. Love Always, your biggest fan Max!

Andrea Stinson: It's a breath of fresh air here. It's something fresh and new for me, and that's the way I look at it. My new teammates, they accept me for who I am. We play hard against each other, we have fun and we hang out. I love my teammates - they're great girls and they work hard.

Bell (Fuzhou, China): Do you feel your overall role as a player will change a lot since you are playing with the Detroit Shock, and if so what do you think the biggest change will be?

Andrea Stinson: My overall role will definitely change. Detroit has established certain core players and a certain style of play. I havenít been here; I've been in Charlotte for eight years. Of course when you go to a new team, you have to adjust to that team. What I'm going to do is adjust to this team. I don't mind playing a small role at all. I'm a part of this team and I will bring whatever I can bring.

Julie (Lake Orion, MI): Was growing up with eight siblings difficult? Did it help or hinder your desire to play basketball?

Andrea Stinson: Growing up with eight siblings was fun, it was great for me. It definitely helped my desire to play. I could play against my brothers and sisters, and they helped me out, encouraged and supported me. It was good for me.

New Baltimore: Andrea, You've been a pioneer in the WNBA and I appreciate everything you represent on and off the court. What would you consider to be a successful season for you personally and for the team this year for the Detroit Shock?

Andrea Stinson: It would be successful if we win a WNBA Championship. Personally, I just want to help this team out in any way that I can.

Honey (Troy): Since you have been in the league since the very beginning, how has the league changed? What do you think of the new leadership and direction of the league? What do you see for the future of the league? Are you interested in a front office position in the league?

Andrea Stinson: I think the league has gotten faster, younger, and has grown as far as women's basketball. It's taken women's basketball to another level. With that, we've attracted a lot of male fans over the years. I am definitely interested in coaching once I'm done playing. I will still be involved with the WNBA because I think the future is what we're working towards right now.

BeBe: Hey, when and how did you get into playing basketball? I can't wait to see you play on Saturday!

Andrea Stinson: I started at the age of seven. It was a very creative sport, and that's what got me interested in the game.

Tori: What and who inspired you to play basketball?

Andrea Stinson: I watched so many guys play, and many women like Cheryl Miller and the McGee twins early in their careers. I really got into it and that's what inspired me to play.

Lashanda (MI): What were you like as a kid? Were you the shy type or were you the kind of girl who always wanted to beat the boys?

Andrea Stinson: I was shy off the basketball court, but on the court I always wanted to win and beat up on the guys. They thought that a girl couldn't do what a guy could do, especially in athletics.

Stephen (Greenwich): Hey Stint. Good to see you are still in the league. What will it be like playing with somebody besides Dawn Staley as your point guard this season since the two of you have been together for six years?

Andrea Stinson: That's a really tough question. I miss Dawn so much. We played together for six years, and she is the number one point guard in my book. It's going to be interesting; it's a new team for me here in Detroit. I'm just looking forward to playing with new players. I can't dwell on the past. I miss Dawn, and it's always going to be that way.

Liz (Michigan): 1. Who do you think will be toughest match up for the Shock this season and why? 2. Which team do you expect to win the NBA championship this year? Good luck this season. GO SHOCK!!

Andrea Stinson: I think everybody will be our toughest competitor. This is a Detroit team that won the Championship two years ago, so everybody is going to be tough competition because they'll bring their best game. As for the NBA, I'll say whoever comes out of the Eastern Conference will win the NBA Championship.

Jeannie - Lancaster, SC: I just hate it that you are no longer with the Charlotte Sting. I was a season ticket holder and really enjoyed all your hard work for the team. I also admired you for all you did for the community. Good luck at Detroit. They lucked out when they signed you.

Andrea Stinson: That's so sweet. Thank you to all of the Charlotte Sting season ticket holders for their support over the years. I enjoyed my career in Charlotte, it was my home, I loved playing there and I loved the fans there. I'm looking forward to having a good season in Detroit. I miss you all, and good luck to the Sting this season.

Andrea Stinson: Thanks to all of the Shock , Sting and WNBA fans who chatted with me today. I appreciate your support and your love for the game of basketball and the WNBA. Hope to see you all Saturday at Opening Day. Thanks a lot.