Monday, June 15, 2009

Detroit Shock Player Reaction to Bill Laimbeers Resignation

Player Reaction: Cheryl Ford | Katie Smith | Deanna Nolan | Plenette Pierson

(On Laimbeer’s resignation)
“It is what it is. We have to continue to do what we do as a basketball team and as an organization and move on.”

(On whether they thought Laimbeer has another job lined up)
“Nothing came up and he told us he doesn’t have a job. We know that he doesn’t have anything lined up. He’s not sick. He’s fine.”

(On Laimbeer’s resignation and Michael Cooper leaving bad for the league)
“No. Everyone’s going to have to move on and do something else. I think there are other great coaches out there that can step in and take that coaches position and continue to make the league grow.”

(On what she’s learned from Bill Laimbeer)
“Maturity and knowledge of the game. Bill really knows the game. He’s been a coach and played in it.”

(On Laimbeer’s resignation)
“I’m not disappointed in a sense. It would be different if no one was aware but Cheryl Reeve and Ricky are all in it together. You take one of them away and they still function. They’ve all been in this together, they’ve been learning from each other and they’ve been doing all this so to me it’s not such a shocker. It’s kind of like the next way for business to get done. I’m happy for him. Timing-wise you have to make decision when you can and when you feel it and that’s what he did.”

(On playing for Rick Mahorn)
“It doesn’t change a whole lot, with him and Cheryl. The philosophy, the style there will be little tweaks here and there but in general the same kind of m.o. goes. They’ve learned a lot from each other and everybody has their own personality but I really don’t think things are going to change drastically. Just kind of getting used to the new vibe and keep this thing going.”

(On the viability of the league)
“I think so. He’s thought about this for a while and he’s ready to put both feet in. Not just one foot out, one foot in. I’m really excited for him. I think the league’s great. Ricky is excited to show himself. Cheryl Reeve gets to do a bit more and it’s exciting for them. We’re just excited to keep this thing going.”

(On her initial reaction to Laimbeer’s resignation)
“Surprised of course. In the past he’s always said he’d like a chance or opportunity on that level but this early in the season it was kind of unexpected.”

(On whether Laimbeer’s resignation fuels them to win another championship)
“Yes and no. Of course he will be missed around here. Just what he brought to the Detroit Shock and to our game individually. He was always empowering us to do better, be the best that we can be just because he knows what we can do. But at the same time we want to prove, not only to ourselves but to the league and everybody out there.”

(On Rick Mahorn’s coaching debut)
“I think they are. They may not always show it to you (the media) but behind the scenes we see it. It’s going to be hard for me because Rick and I joke all the time. We’re going to have to set that aside now that we’re on a different level.”

“I think if players were willing to get better and want their careers to last longer then they will listen to him. It’ll help them a lot. He’s got a lot of knowledge to give and with the league being the way it is he’s got valuable experience in helping a player further their career and making it longer.