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Monday, July 11, 2005
Plenette Pierson Chat Transcript

Plenette Pierson was acquired in a June 29 trade with the Phoenix Mercury, and made her presence felt immediately in Detroit as she led the Shock with 22 points in last Friday's loss to the Monarchs.

The third-year player out of Texas Tech answered your questions on Monday, July 11 on

Plenette Pierson: Thanks for coming to chat online! We can't wait to get back into action now that the All-Star break is over. Let's answer some of your questions.

Jake in Novi: With the team struggling a bit over the last month what do you think is the most important thing that needs to change?

Plenette Pierson: I think we need to play a little bit harder and get some more scoring from different people in different areas.

Maddy: What are your favorite movies to watch?

Plenette Pierson: My favorite movie to watch is Love and Basketball.

Taylor (Charlevoix): Have you become close friends with any of the girls since coming to Detroit?

Plenette Pierson: Yes, I have. I started to hang out a lot with Andrea Stinson, Cheryl Ford and Chandi Jones in particular. I knew Chandi from Houston, because we grew up together, and I knew Cheryl because we came out of the same class. We also played against each other in AAU. I also knew Stacey Thomas before coming to Detroit because she played in Phoenix while I was there.

Valerie Mount Clemens MI: Did you go to a big high school? How old were you when you started playing?

Plenette Pierson: I went to Kingwood High in Houston, which is a big high school, but not a "big name" high school. I started playing basketball when I was five years old. I played in the AAU from the sixth grade until senior year in high school.

KK23 (Philadelphia): What was the first thing you did when you moved into your new apartment in Detroit?

Plenette Pierson: I put my boxes down and went right to sleep!

A.E. Leslie, Michigan: Congratulations on becoming a member of the Detroit Shock. I'm sixteen and you'll probably never hear of anyone who loves the game of basketball more than I do. The question that I have for you is this: How did you do it? Most people can only dream of playing in the WNBA, but you've already accomplished it. I look at people like you and it makes me realize that it is something that can happen. Thanks and Good Luck!

Plenette Pierson: It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get where I am. I never gave up and I never stopped playing. Just keep playing every day and hopefully you can make it as far as you want to go.

Danielle (Oscoda, MI: how is it playing with Ruth Riley? Who do you get along with the most on the team?

Plenette Pierson: It's great to play with Ruth. She's a great player, she's got great work ethic, and she's a great person on top of it. She's the perfect player that everybody wants to play with. I get along with everybody on the team and I really like all of the girls. I wouldn't say that there is anybody that I get along with "most."

Vince Prygoski (Flint, MI...home of Deanna and Stacey!): Hi, Plenette! Great first game, and welcome to Michigan! What specific things do you see yourself bringing to the team mix here?

Plenette Pierson: I think I'll bring a lot of aggressive defense. Hopefully I'll add some scoring and I'll be able to help out wherever is necessary, and really, I'll be able to bring my aggressive style of play.

Jackie Mangiapane: Plenette, great to have you playing for the Shock. Who is the most athletic person you have ever played with or against?

Plenette Pierson: The most athletic person I've played with or against is Deanna Nolan. She's just incredible. She can really jump out of the gym for being such a small guard.

Bucky (Alpena): How do you like having Bad Boys Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn for coaches?

Plenette Pierson: I like it; I think it's great. I couldn't ask for anything better. I have two ex-NBA players who know a great deal about the game. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Ingrid (Chesterfield): Plenette, Coming from Texas and Phoenix, how do you think you will adjust to the weather here in Michigan?

Plenette Pierson: I think it's going to be easy. After playing overseas, like when I played in Greece this past WNBA off-season, I'm used to it being a little colder. It should be a very easy transition for me.

Tej: What inspired you to play basketball? What did Coach Laimbeer tell you upon your arrival in Detroit? Do you think that you could win a championship? How was it to play with Dianna Taurasi?

Plenette Pierson: What inspired me to play basketball was my brother. I wanted to prove to him that I could play because he would never let me because I was "just a girl." That inspired be, and I really learned to love the game.
Coach Laimbeer told me to go out and play basketball and just be as aggressive as I was in Phoenix. He really liked what he saw out of me there, and he just wanted me to continue that style of play.
I definitely think we can with a Championship. We have great talent on this team; we have an all-around team. When we put the puzzle pieces together, we'll realize how great we can be.
I think it was a great opportunity to play with Diana; she's a player with a lot of hype to her name. She's a great person. It was a really great opportunity for me to play with her.

Keegan (Oz): Hi Plenette: Greetings from Down Under. I was wondering what it is like for a player to be traded mid-season and have to contribute for a team immediately the way you had to for Detroit vs. Sacramento on Friday. How difficult is it to learn the plays and the tendencies of your teammates, and when do you think you will be completely settled in terms of knowing all of Detroit's offensive and defensive schemes. Cheers

Plenette Pierson: It's always hard to be traded mid-season, but it's part of the business. I think when I played against Sacramento, I just went out and played. At this point I think I'm pretty far behind when it comees to knowing the team's offenses and defenses. I think by mid-August I'll know the offensive and defensive strategies better and that I'll be acclimated to this team. It helps that I have great teammates to guide me there.

Mary(Neah Bay): What team were you rooting for in the NBA Finals?

Plenette Pierson: I wanted Detroit to win because I love their style of play. They're so aggressive and they love to play defense. That's what I like to do!

Plenette Pierson: That's all I have time for today. Thanks so much for coming online to chat. I hope to see you at Sunday's game when we host Indiana!