Klop Blog: China

I was invited by Coach Chen Dechun, president of the Shanghai Basketball Association, to put on a basketball clinic for the top 50 youth girl players in Shanghai, China. Here we're working to teach them the fundamentals of Shock pressure defense!

You may remember this guy. Now the owner of the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association. I had the privilege of meeting him at a recent Sharks game in Shanghai.

Taking a lunch break from Shanghai basketball clinic with a stop at the yam lady. She works from 7 to 7 selling baked yams on the street. The banana man and peanut vendor are right next door for a good street food lunch.

In a city of 17 million people, there are thousands of high-rise apartment buildings throughout the city.

As tax season descends upon us, I learned something about the Chinese economic system that sounds really good. The Chinese pay a 20% flat tax that comes out of their paycheck and don't have to file a tax return. Also, statistics say the unemployment rate in China is 4% but you don't see anyone sitting around. Whatever system they may call it, it seems like "pure capitalism gone wild." It may be because unemployment insurance only pays about 68 dollars a month.

Who needs a van to do business when you have a motorbike?

Exotic skyscrapers are dotted throughout the downtown area.