Kat: Hi Cheryl, how long do you practice each day during the offseason? Good luck with the Shock!! Kat

Cheryl Ford: I only stay here a week after the season is over. Then we come back periodically during the off season to do appearances. I try to go into the gym and shoot every day. I also have a personal trainer that works with me every day.

Samantha: Hi Cheryl, My name is Samantha and I am your biggest fan here in Michigan. I wear your number (35) on my AAU jersey. What do you think the Shock need to do, or improve in order to get back to the WNBA championship? Thank you.

Cheryl Ford: First and foremost I think we all have to do our individual jobs. Each one of us has our own job and our own strengths. If we band together and do our own jobs and have each other's back we'll rebound and do fine. We've just got to have that drive we had our first year.

Rhonda Hamilton: Detroit: What do you expect out of the Detroit Pistons as they are defending for another title run? By the way I love that new Ford commercial. You were jamming all the way!

Cheryl Ford: Thank you! I think the Pistons are going to do well. They just have to realize that they are the team that every team is tryingto beat this year. They have to come out every game and play each possession hard each and every night. They can't take a possession off or a night off.

S.E.R.B (Michigan): How do you think Rick Mahorn will help your team? Also, which college players do you see as strong draft picks for 2005? You're a great player and good luck winnning another championship.

Cheryl Ford: To be honest, I'm not really following college basketball right now. I think Rick is a great guy and he knows the game. He's really fun and is going to bring a lot of energy and fun times to the game and our team. I'm really excited about working with him.

Shelly (Detroit): Are you a fan of the Detroit Pistons?

Cheryl Ford: Yes, I'm at the game right now!

Stacey: New York City: Hi Cheryl. I was wondering, what is your basketball new year resolutions going to be this year?

Cheryl Ford: To develop a left game. I always go right, so I need to go left.

Dearborn Heights: Hey, i want to day that I am a big fan of the Shock. I was there at the championship game. How did it feel to be a rookie and win the chamionship? Also how does it feel to be an All-Star twice in your career?

Cheryl Ford: I just think that I'm blessed. It was a great feeling; but I have to give a lot of credit to my teammates and coaching staff. Without that help, then I don't know where I'd be. I give a lot of credit to them. It was really exciting I'm just blessed.

Rachel & Bethany (FERNDALE): Hi Cheryl. To start, you are a very talented player. Our questions are: When did you start playing basketball and why is your jersey number 35? Also, I saw you at a Pistons game once. Who is your favorite player and why? Good luck this season to you and all the ladies! -Bethany and Rachel

Cheryl Ford: I started playing basketball in junior high. I wear #35 because #32 was taken and my twin brother wears #35.

Slovydal (Indianapolis): Cheryl, good luck this coming season (except for when you play Indiana). Besides leading the league in rebounds per game, what do you plan to bring to the court this season?

Cheryl Ford: I plan to bring a lot more energy and rebounding skills. That's my thing.

Mike (Detroit): Hey Cheryl I hope all is well. I'm a big fan and was wondering are you currently involved with anyone? Sorry to ask on here but I was just curious because I think your a beautiful lady (i'm 24 and about 6'3)

Cheryl Ford: I'm single.

Cheryl Ford: Thanks for the support! I'm going to go back to watch the game!