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Monday, July 18, 2005
Barbara Farris Chat Transcript

Shock forward Farris, entering her sixth WNBA season, has spent her entire WNBA career with the Shock, and is considered a key leader in the Shock organization.

Farris is a favorite of fellow players, business staff, fans and media. She helped the Shock complete over 200 community appearances in 2004, doing nearly 80 of them herself in the months of October, November and December. She was honored during the 2004 NBA Finals with the WNBA Community Assist Award and also captured the 2004 Detroit Sports Fans Choice Humanitarian Award.

Farris was also named Palace Sports & Entertainment Employee of the Year for the Detroit Shock department, marking the first time a player has ever received the honor. The award goes to the Shock employee who displays the deepest commitment and hardest work ethic throughout the year.

Farris chatted with Shock fans on Monday, July 18.

Barb Farris: Hi everybody. Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to see what's going on with the Shock. Hope I can be informative.

Craig, Woodinville: What is your favorite city to play in?

Barb Farris: Los Angeles. I love the weather. It's such an eclectic mix of people out there. You're bound to see everybody and anything.

Anthony (NY, NY): What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Do you have any snacks or treats that you really enjoy?

Barb Farris: In my free time, I like to watch movies. I like Pop Secret Home style Butter flavored microwave popcorn. It has the right amount of salt and butter on there.

Sam Begino: What was your most favorite and your least favorite part about staying overseas?

Barb Farris: My most favorite is seeing different parts of the world. My least favorite part is that I do not truly understand what everybody is saying and I am unable to have a full-fledged conversation with somebody. I speak a little Spanish; but when I was in Korea, there was just no hope.

Junior: How does it feel to be Shock Employee of the Year?

Barb Farris: It was a great honor. The Shock organization has been a lot of fun to work for over the years. They have a great staff and I like the people I work with. I love every moment that I'm involved with the Shock organization.

Jackie Mangiapane: I'm really mad about Dave Chapelle getting canceled? I heard you were a fan...what was your reaction to the show?

Barb Farris: I'm truly hurt. I have both seasons on DVD, and I was just dumbfounded that it won't be on. I'm trying not to watch the seasons all the way through so I'm still surprised. It's great adult humor, I definitely would NOT recommend it for kids. He's hilarious! He has all of these tacky, hilarious things to say!

Jason (Utica): : Barb, how do you like being now coached by TWO original Bad Boys, Bill Laimbeer and now Rick Mahorn?

Barb Farris: I have a tremendous respect for them because they're both so knowledgeable about the game of basketball. I just want to learn and get better. They are always able to find a way to teach you.

Sara (Auburn Hills): Did you meet anyone exciting at the celebrity softball game? And who's a better player: you or Kara?

Barb Farris: We were both athletic, so I can't say who was better at softball between Kara and myself. There was Darrin McCarty at the game. His tattoos were interesting, and he was really fun to meet. We had a lot of great people on our team. It was a lot of fun.

BK (Detroit): Hi Barb: How has having Swin Cash back in the rotation changed things, and how long do you think it will be before the "old Swin" is back in action? She looks pretty good to me, but still a little tentative at times. Thanks.

Barb Farris: I think with any serious injury like that you're bound to question it. With her conditioning and getting into the flow of the game, it will seem more natural to her. She's a great competitor. With just a couple of more games, she'll be able get back into her natural flow and she'll stop thinking about it. With a knee injury, you don't use it for so long that you forget you’re not using it.

Jackie (McComb): Hi Barbara I was wondering how Pierson and Lambert are fitting in with the team, and how difficult it is to incorporate new teammates in midseason for the rest of you since you all already know all the plays. Thanks much.

Barb Farris: We already knew Sheila from 2003, the year that we won. She's a joy, she's got a great personality, and she loves the game. You have to have personality to fit in with this team since we have such strong characters. On the court, we just have to put them into situations where they do well.

Jenae, A-Town: What's up #54. Jus Have to say I love your aggressive game on the boards. Who would You say was the comedian on the team?

Barb Farris: Everybody's funny. Cheryl Ford says funny stuff, but I don't think she realizes how funny she is. Cheryl and Elaine Powell are both really funny.

Tom: Do you have a boyfriend?

Barb Farris: Yes, I do.

Jenny (Malibu): First of all, you are an inspiration to me. How important is community involvement to your job?

Barb Farris: I think it's vital. When you make an effort to reach out to the community, they feel like they are a part of the organization and they want to be involved. They want to see us do well, they come to the games, they bring their friends and family, etc. It just makes for good relationships. When I speak at camps, maybe a young girl or boy gets excited about the game of basketball and the possibilities from being involved in an extra curricular activity. They understand the importance of balance in life, with education and sports. Things like that make community involvement vital in our profession.

Joe (Auburn Hills): What was it like doing the 'Bad Girls' photo shoot? That picture was awesome.

Barb Farris: It was really quick! They had the concept, we just had to feed off of their inspiration and look as mean and menacing as possible. It was a lot of fun.

Steve (Greenwich): Hypothetical - Laimbeer, Mahorn and Byrd all get ejected from the game. Which player on the roster would you want coaching the team for the remainder of the game?

Barb Farris: Andrea Stinson.

Heather (Pontiac): Did you know that Rick Mahorn likes Pop Rocks?

Barb Farris: No, I did not!

John (Troy): I know you've been in Detroit for a few years now...does it feel like home yet? Do you like the city?

Barb Farris: I haven't endured an entire winter yet. I've been here no later than December, right before Christmas. I think I could be a true Michigander if I could make it through a Winter. It feels like home here, but New Orleans will always be my home. I'm a true Southern Gal.

Steven (Sarnia): Why number 54? And will you marry me?

Barb Farris: I've always worn that number since High School. When you're playing in Middle School, the highest numbers were for the biggest kids.
As for the second question... what do you do for a living, how tall are you, and are you 18?

Janice (Royal Oak): What does the team need to do in order to turn this season around?

Barb Farris: Start to listen to the coaching staff and just play hard the entire game. We need to play with a fire for the entire 40 minutes.

Samantha (Roseville): Do you know how to tap dance

Barb Farris: Yes I do. I took ballet, jazz and tap dance for about three years when I was younger. That was the first after school sport I was involved in before softball, basketball, anything. My first dance recital was to Madonna's "Lucky Star."

Mary (Clarkston): Who on the team could you beat in one-on-one?

Barb Farris: All of them!

Sludgeaholic: Quick Picks Ren & Stimpy or Beavis & Butthead? McDonalds or Taco Bell? Natural or weave? pick up trucks or SUVs? golfing or fishing? Coke or Pepsi? Dave Chapelle or Cedric the Entertainer? Halloween or New Year's Eve?

Barb Farris: 1. Neither. Stuey and Brian from The Family Guy are way better. 2. McDonald's. 3. Natural. 4. SUV's. 5. Fishing. 6. Coke. 7. Dave Chapelle. 8. New Year's Eve.

Joey (Clinton Twp.): What is your favorite part about playing in the WNBA? Do you ever get exhausted from all the games, appearances, and interviews?

Barb Farris: My favorite part is being able to make a living off of playing a game that I've been blessed to be able to play well at. I don't get exhausted from the traveling. The schedule is really friendly to the player. It's only for four months, and then you can go over seas or hang a little while. They always have moments where you can get a break in.

Sara (Auburn Hills): Did you see those kids who were the players and coaches yesterday? They were great.

Barb Farris: That was really cute. I think that's what people love about the WNBA is how accessible we are. That was adorable.

Amanda Rama: Who is your favorite NBA player?

Barb Farris: My favorite NBA player is Chris Webber. I've liked him since he played at Michigan.

Big C: Ms. Farris, there's a rumor that you play with the Palace staff during the off-season early in the mornings. Who's the best rebounder on that staff you've played against?

Barb Farris: The best player is Craig Turnbull. He is a beast! I want him on my team every time we play. I get there early every day so he we can be on the same team.

Barb Farris: Thanks again for coming online to chat today. Hope to see you at our game this Wednesday. Tip-off is at 12 noon, so don't be late!