Detroit's Barb Farris
Allen Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images
Barbara Farris Plays Santa

If Shock forward Barb Farris were given Santa’s powers to grant gifts and wishes, this is what she would give each of her teammates for Christmas:

Elaine Powell:
I would give her an obnoxious piece of diamond jewelry. Something like Kobe Bryant’s wife got.

Deanna Nolan:
I would get her a big monster truck. I don’t know why, but that just seems like a car that would fit her personality. She could just run over people.

Swin Cash:
I would get her an entire set of Louis Vatton Luggage just because she’s always going somewhere.

Cheryl Ford:
Cheryl would get a new Nextel phone. I know she’s frustrated with the one that she has. It has color and everything but every time I see her she says it’s dropping calls so I would get her the newer one. Maybe it doesn’t drop as many calls.

Ruth Riley:
I would give Ruth a month of vacation at home, because she’s never able to go home.

Kedra Holland-Corn:
She lives in New Orleans now, and I know she wants to stay in New Orleans, so I would get her a big house on St. Charles.

Ayana Walker:
I would get her unlimited Air Force Ones. She buys so many shoes. I would just give her the entire new lineup before they even came out.

Sheila Lambert:
I would get her a lifetime supply of the cookies given out on Delta Airlines, but I can’t remember the name right now.

Stacey Thomas:
I would get Stacy some twenty-fours (rims) for her new car. She got a new truck and I would get her some big, obnoxious rims. She probably wouldn’t like them, but it’s a new car and she can have them.

Petra Ujhelyi:
I would get her first-class seats for when she flies from Detroit to Hungary, because coach is ridiculous when you’re flying to Europe.

Allison Curtin:
Unlimited Abercrombie gift certificates. She wears a lot of Abercrombie.

Astou Ndiaye-Diatta:
I would get her whatever she needs from Babies-R-Us. She has three babies. That’s a lot of babies.

Coach Bill Laimbeer:
I would give him a break from one of his million jobs. He has about five jobs so he would get a much-needed vacation.