Shockwave Dance Camp

Passion for Dance

Hollee Przekop has possessed a never-ending passion for dance since she was five. To fuel that passion, the 15-year-old made the trip from her hometown of Commerce to participate in the eighth annual Shockwave Dance Camp. She was among 200 other kids that share the same admiration for dance that she does.

“I love dancing,” Hollee said. “I like doing the clinics because it’s a one or two day thing.”

Hollee has tried several forms of dancing - “I did tap, jazz and Hawaiian dancing when I was younger,” she said - and enjoys learning as much as she can about them, which is why she came out to the Palace. She looked at it as a new learning experience, and not just for herself. “If little kids need help, I can help them,” she said. “And when I need help the older kids are there for me.”

She was eager to pass on what she has learned to other dancers. “I like helping younger kids,” she said. “I help with a cheerleading team at my old school. I like teaching, it’s fun.” Hollee did not have a lack of students. She noticed during warm-ups that there were a lot of girls her age, but most were younger. “Most of them are really good,” she said.

The campers spent the afternoon learning choreography to the routine they would perform at halftime of the Shock game. The dancers were split into groups based on age and learned a routine from some of the Automotion and Shockwave dancers. In addition to dance instruction, The Palace performers gave the campers some tips about how to spot properly on turns to avoid dizziness and to always look up and smile at the crowd while dancing in a large arena. “It was hard, but fun,” said Hollee. “I liked it.”

Hollee received one of the two “100%” awards for her age group, but the real prize came later in the evening, when she got a chance to do what she really loves - perform. Going down to the court at halftime, Hollee didn’t feel nervous one bit. This was Hollee’s second halftime performance at The Palace. She attended the Automotion’s dance camp during the Pistons’ season, which was one of the reasons she was encouraged to come back.

“I am so excited,” she said.

Her excitement turned to exhaustion after the four-minute long performance, but even out of breath, she smiled all the way back to her seat.