Saturday, July 10th, 2004 at The Palace of Auburn Hills

Detroit Shock 70, Seattle Storm 65

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July 10th, 2004
The Palace of Auburn Hills
Shock 70, Storm 65
Points:(DET) D. Nolan, 21
(SEA) S. Bird, 21
Rebounds:(DET) S. Cash, 10
(SEA) K. Vodichkova, 9
Assists:(DET) S. Cash, 6
(SEA) S. Bird, 6
Blocks:(DET) R. Riely, 5
(SEA) J. Burse, 1
Steals:(DET) 2 tied, 2
(SEA) B. Lennox, 3
Turnovers:(DET) S. Cash, 6
(SEA) L. Jackson, 4
(DET) 11
(SEA) 4
(DET) 24
(SEA) 6
Swin Cash
  • Points: 18
  • Rebounds: 9
  • Assists: 6
  • Minutes: 38
  • Cash's Season Statistics
    Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    “It was clear early in the season that our offense was not up to speed where it should be and we spent a lot of time working on offense at the expense of our defense. Now we are back on focusing almost exclusively on defense. And, it showed in the last two games.”

    On having four starters in double figures:
    “We have some of the best starters in the world, so you would expect that almost every night. Our bench tonight I thought played o.k. You all saw how important Barb Farris is to our ball club. Having another big body in there and a very smart basketball player.”

    “We don’t make it easy on ourselves. That’s not disturbing, that is just the way we are. We were worse last year. We are getting better and our turnovers are getting better. I wish once in awhile we would make it easy on ourselves.”

    “I thought Deanna played outstanding. She couldn’t have done more. I was yelling at her to shoot sometimes. There was no one on the court, no one in the league that can guard her. I will tell you one thing, Deanna Nolan is by far the best defensive two-guard we have ever seen in this league. This kid can shut people down, she is unbelievable.”

    Shock Forward Swin Cash

    “It is always good to win at home, national TV just makes it a plus. I think our fans have been waiting for us to have some break-throughs at home and the last two games we have been able to win and win as a team. I think we are heading in the right direction right now.”

    About being close with Sue Bird:
    “We are both extremely competitive at everything. So, to get a win is always a plus. So, I guess I am up a little bit right now but we still have our gut set on September. So, I am going to hold my breath ‘til then.”

    Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

    “This was a big game for us tonight. We played one of our best games in the Western Conference. But, our main goal was to get on the run and for Swin and I to create shots for ourselves or for other people and that’s what happened.”

    Storm Head Coach Anne Donovan

    “It’s a frustrating game. The negative is that we gave them 30 points in transition by the way we chart things. It was a lot of points in transition and we knew we had to be focused on that. The positive thing is that we didn’t shoot the ball well. We had good open shots, we just didn’t shoot the ball well. So, for me, losing by five points to Detroit when you shoot the ball as badly as we did it is not bad. To still be in the game with Detroit is a positive thing. We did do some good things. I thought defensively we were much more on task tonight than we had been with Washington and Charlotte.”

    On losing three in a row:
    “Its frustrating. I mean there’s no doubt that we need to win games that we’re supposed to win. We need to mentally go into games and we cannot let games slip away. In Washington and Charlotte we did that. We were not focused. We were much more focused tonight I thought.”

    Storm Guard Sue Bird

    “We definitely let them get away there in the second half. All in all though, our shots didn’t really fall the way we would have liked. And they killed us in transition. If we take care of those two things, you know flip flop them, it would have been a different story.”

    “You know we just didn’t play our game. When we play our game and everyone is on the same page and doing the same thing, things just fall in the right place. It helps us play well. When you don’t play your game its kind of a struggle and that’s what happened to us this road trip.”

    “As far as shooting the ball, sometimes they go in and sometimes they don’t. You have to kind of figure out a way regardless. Our shots weren’t going in and we hit the offensive boards and what not, but when you’re not shooting the ball well, you can’t le them get easy buckets—especially in transition.”