Sunday, July 18, 2004 at The Palace of Auburn Hills

Detroit Shock 77, San Antonio Silver Stars 71

Recap | Box Score
July 18th, 2004
The Palace of Auburn Hills
Shock 77, Silver Stars 71
Points:(DET) R. Riley, 21
(SAN) S. Johnson, 25
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 14
(SAN) A. Goodson, 11
Assists:(DET) E. Powell, 9
(SAN) S. Johnson, 7
Blocks:(DET) S. Cash, 4
(SAN) J. Hicks, 1
Steals:(DET) D. Nolan, 3
(SAN) A. Goodson, 3
Turnovers:(DET) 2 tied, 4
(SAN) S. Johnson, 4
(DET) 17
(SAN) 4
(DET) 17
(SAN) 14
Swin Cash
  • Points: 18
  • Rebounds: 12
  • Assists: 6
  • Minutes: 36
  • Cash's Season Statistics
    Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    On Elaine being back:
    “In the first half she came hoopin’. We talked and I wasn’t sure about how much time she was going to get because I wanted to see her practice in the next couple of days but, it was clear that she could play basketball today.”

    “I wanted to see a little bit more intensity on defense and I thought I saw that for a while but we had a good lead and we let it get away. So, we still have some issues to take care of. Also, a lot of it is also our bench. We need to get our bench coming into the game with enough energy to sustain us or at least worse case neutralize, not going backwards.”

    On San Antonio making a comeback:
    “Every team is going to go through little spurts where they are making shots. They were making shots right then. Offensively we were sagging and confidence kind of creeps in there too. You are being tested right then and we could have folded and lost the game but Swin Cash made big plays.”

    Shock Forward Swin Cash

    “I think that tonight jump-started the week. I think that we know what’s in front of us and we know what we have to do and we control our own destiny right now. We have to go out and play the way we did today to have some adversity in the game and be able to overcome it. That shows great character and it shows that we are moving in the right direction.”

    “You would love to have every game be a 20 point blow out and the bench play a lot of minutes. But, the cards haven’t been played out like that this year. Maybe it will later on but right now we just need to get a win anyway, anyhow. If its ugly its ugly, but it’s a win.”

    Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

    On Elaine coming back:
    “She is familiar with our running game. She got the ball up quick to me and Swin and we had a lot of fast break points capitalizing on that.”

    “This is big. We lost three in a row, two on the road and one at home. Tonight was a big game for us on determining our chances in making the playoffs. I said that we are already in it, but we are still making a run for it. Teams keep losing and hopefully we keep winning and leaving the door open for us.”

    Silver Stars Head Coach Dee Brown

    “Its basketball, there’s no reason to be upset, they played hard. We had missed shots and we didn’t shoot the ball extremely well. We had opportunities. We had an opportunity to tie late in the game even though we were down seventeen. The Detroit team, like our team, has been struggling a little bit this season. Get down to a team like that and when you are on the road you just try to hold the tempo. Hopefully the game doesn’t get out of control, and we kept playing hard. I’m happy about that. We just missed shots and had a couple turnovers at the end of the game, but we gave ourselves a chance to win against a good team.”

    On Shannon Johnson’s performance:
    “She played well today. She’s been playing well the last couple of weeks. That’s the reason we got her here. Her shots been off a little bit this year but now she’s climbing and she’s running the basketball team. We get her to play that way and LaToya (Thomas) Agnieszki Bibrzycka—they didn’t shoot that extremely well tonight—and you always have a chance to win. The balls always in Shannon’s hands and I trust her and that’s why I got her here. I trust her that she will make plays for us.”

    “Being down 17 and the crowd into it and they’re a high energy team and for us to comeback and keep plugging away. It doesn’t equate to a win, but it shows what we can do when we play and focus on our defense. We got some stops and forced them to call a couple timeouts. That’s a veteran team in that locker room. They are world champions still until someone else knocks them off their pedestal. We can build on that—we have three more road trips in a row. Everything is a must win game right now because the season is kind of shrinking. We are only a couple games out of playoffs, but it is kind of shrinking kind of fast so we can’t say that all year. Of course we wanted to win this game, but we came up short. They made plays down the stretch and we didn’t.”