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Saturday, May 29, 2004 at The Palace of Auburn Hills
Los Angeles Sparks 63, Detroit Shock 60

Recap | Box Score
May 29, 2004
The Palace of Auburn Hills
Shock 60, Sparks 63
Points:(DET) S. Cash, 17
(LAS) N. Teasley, 15
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 12
(LAS) L. Leslie, 12
Assists:(DET) D. Nolan, 6
(LAS) T. Dixon, 4
Blocks:(DET) R. Riley, 2
(LAS) L. Leslie, 3
Steals:(DET) 2 tied, 2
(LAS) L. Leslie, 3
Turnovers:(DET) D. Nolan, 5
(LAS) D. Milton-Jones, 4
(DET) 13
(LAS) 6
(DET) 13
(LAS) 0
Lisa Leslie
  • Points: 12
  • Rebounds: 14
  • Blocked Shots: 3
  • Steals: 3
  • Minutes: 27
  • Leslie's Season Statistics
    Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    “We blew a few defensive assignments. We left a couple players open that we probably shouldn’t have. It was just concentration…They’re a very good basketball team, as we all know. In this league you can’t make the mental errors that we had and expect to win games. (The last shot) was exactly what we wanted. It was how we drew it up. It worked well it just didn’t go in."

    On the banner raising ceremony:
    “It’s more for the ladies than it is for me. I’m just the coach. They’re the ones that do the job. I think it’s pretty important to them.”
    Shock Center Ruth Riley

    “It’s frustrating. We made a lot of mental mistakes at the end of the game and it’s going to be a battle with two good teams out there battling on the court…We can’t make the mental errors that we made against good teams like L.A. We were up by a lot and we needed to focus on maintaining that lead and extending it.”

    On the banner raising:
    “It was an honor just to see what we were able to accomplish last year. Our whole team worked so hard last year to win that championship so it was a good feeling.”
    Shock Forward Swin Cash

    “We missed some balls during the game that you kind of wish you could get back. But such is life. We’ll go back to the drawing board. That’s the great thing about our league: the games just keep coming and coming. I think we learn from every game and we’ll be alright. I didn’t think that we were frustrated or lost our composure or anything, we just had some missed assignments.”
    Sparks Head Coach Michael Cooper

    “I think (in the second half) we concentrated more. I think again that with this Detroit team, you really have to stay mentally focused. When champions win a championship they win it for a reason. They were very mentally focused last year to do what they did. For most opponents you have to play 40 minutes, but for us we do not have to play 40 minutes of a great game to beat them, we just have to stay focused for different portions of the game.
    Sparks Center Lisa Leslie

    “There were a lot of things that they did right tonight, it was just that we would not quit and just tried to make things happen in the second half. We had great performances form our starters, and even though I personally did not have the greatest game, the other starters really proved and showed why they are starters.”
    Sparks Forward Mwadi Mabika

    “We needed this win more than anything. I just knew that I had to keep shooting because in order for us to win, we could not give up. I’ll do anything to go out there and get the win. We always talk with each other (at halftime) and motivate each other to overcome a deficit if we are down. I think that we played great defense in the last five minutes. I think that it was our defense that got us back into the gane.”