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July 28, 2006 at Key Arena, Seattle, WA
Detroit Shock 77, Seattle Storm 67

Shock 77, Storm 67
Boxscore | Recap
July 28, 2006
Key Arena
Seattle, WA
Points:(DET) D. Nolan, 23
(SEA) T. Johnson, 15
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 18
(SEA) A. Robinson, 13
Assists:(DET) Two Tied, 3
(SEA) Two Tied, 2
Blocks:(DET) Two Tied, 2
(SEA) A. Robinson, 2
Player of the Game
Deanna Nolan
Points: 23
Assists: 3
Steals: 4
Minutes: 40
Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

On the game:
“Any time you get a road win against a quality playoff opponent like Seattle, it’s a big bonus for you. In the first half our offense carried us; in the second half our defense carried us. Give them credit – they played very hard without some of their big guns.”

On the Storm’s injuries:
“That’s professional sports. You can’t worry about that. You know that when they have players out other players are going to step up because they are professional basketball players. We had a little bit of a let down in the third quarter and should’ve taken more advantage of the situation, but we didn’t. You have to give Seattle credit for that.”

Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

On the game:
“We saw this as a championship-type playoff game. We wanted to come in and run them because that’s what we do. We also knew that (Lauren) Jackson wasn’t 100 percent so we wanted play good defense on her and make sure she stayed out of the game – her and (Sue) Bird.”

On their defense vs. Bird:
“We wanted to be in her face at all times, trap her and give her different looks that she’s not used to. We wanted to make her take tough, contested shots – and that’s what we did.”

On what a win like this does for the team:
“It does a lot, especially on the road. It was kind of a championship-type atmosphere and that only helps us with our confidence and mental toughness for the next game, and for the rest of the season.”

Storm Head Coach Anne Donovan

On whether the week-long break was too long:
“No, I can’t say that. After June, we needed to get a mental and physical break. It’s unfortunate we didn’t handle the first 20 minutes of this game and the first four minutes of the third quarter differently, but the break is not something I’ll look back and say we didn’t need it. We did need it; we just didn’t handle it very well.”

On whether she focuses on falling behind or the Storm’s comeback:
“Both. You take away positives and disappointments. The disappointment is how we came out of halftime. More than anything, that’s the most disappointing thing. I don’t know what the run was; I lost track at 12-0. How we started the second half was very disappointing. Positive in that we came back, we fought hard all the way through the end, but you can’t get down 30 in this league against any team. And you can’t have 28 turnovers and expect to win games.

30 points, it’s too much to overcome. We almost set a record and did it, but it’s too much to overcome against any team, let alone a very, very good team.”

On whether she considered pulling her starters:
“Honestly, I’m looking at Lauren’s minutes and figuring out how soon we need to take here out, but there is a lot of fight – mainly by Lauren – and everyone else was committed. We knew we weren’t shooting the ball well. We had couple of stops in that zone, and if we had not gotten a couple of stops I think you might have seen us start to quit a little bit, but we started to feel like we could overcome it. There was enough time, in my mind, with 16 minutes left. I felt like if we could get stops, we could overcome it, but the turnovers – we continued to have them through the end of the game. When you’re down like that, you can’t turn it over at the other end.”

Storm Forward Lauren Jackson

On when the Storm went down by 31:
“It was just embarrassing. I just wanted to win; all of us did, and we worked really hard and fought really hard to get back in the game. It was just five minutes too short.”

On how she changed her mentality:
“I think it got to the point where the refs were letting a lot more go, whereas in the beginning of the game they were calling everything tight. We got more aggressive and started throwing more elbows. I know I did in particular. I figured that was the only way I could score in the second half was to be aggressive, give it all I had. Not worry about fouls, just play.”

On whether she considered quitting on the game:
“That just wasn’t an option. You can’t let anyone quit.”

On whether the comeback makes the loss feel better:
“Definitely. When we look at the score, it’s not going to be 31 points.”

Storm Guard Sue Bird

On the game:
“We were down 13 at half, obviously not where we wanted to be, and they came out the way we wanted to come out, which was aggressive. They hit some shots and got a three-point play and immediately, just like that, we were down 22 points. Then from there, they went up 31. That’s when there was the wake-up call. That’s disappointing. Being down 20 should be the wake-up call, not 30. But that’s the way it happened. The problem was definitely the end of the first half, beginning of the third quarter. That’s when they got that lead.”

On whether she thinks the break played a role:
“I don’t. Obviously there’s some kinks to kind of get out – haven’t played a game in a while. There’s always that initial tiredness you have to fight through, get your second wind, but I don’t think that was the problem tonight. They just outworked uslay.”