Sunday, July 30, 2006 at Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
Detroit Shock 61, Sacramento Monarchs 94

Shock 61, Monarchs 94
Boxscore | Recap
July 30, 2006
Arco Arena
Sacramento, CA
Points:(DET) Two Tied, 12
(SAC) R.Brunson , 18
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 15
(SAC) R.Brunson , 8
Assists:(DET) E. Powell, 2
(SAC) Two Tied, 4
Blocks:(DET) Two Tied, 1
(SAC) Four Tied, 1
Player of the Game
Cheryl Ford
Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

On the game:
““They won it by 33. We got beat. We didn’t have the concentration necessary to play against a team that was that desperate for a win and it showed.”

On the difference between tonight's and Wednesday night's games:
“They wanted this game more than us. We came into the game a little lackluster and not as focused as we have to be to play a team like this in their own building and they took it to us.”

On achieving a consistent level of play:
“Everything about this game was poor for us. Season low field goal percentage, season low assists, season high points for their team, season high turnovers for us. You name it, we did it.”

Shock Guard Katie Smith

On the game:
“We didn’t do much tonight at either end of the floor. They came out and lost three in a row and we expected them to come out fired up. We just could not get in any rhythm. It was tied there for a point in the first half but defensively and offensively we just weren’t clicking. They just came out and played really well.”

On the difference in tonight's game (vs. Wednesday night's game):
“They shot the ball a little bit better and we didn’t shoot the ball very well. It’s basically a flip of what happened there. What we did to them, they did to us. They came home and picked it up defensively. Offensively, they knocked down shots. We got that one, they got this one and it was just a flip of scenarios”

On what you need to do to finish the regular season on a positive note:
“Just keep playing! We have a lot of games, a lot of inter-conference games. We have Indiana coming up on Tuesday and we basically play every other day. This is one game and we have to get back on track when we go back home. We need to play better defense, box-out, and pay attention to the little things. This isn’t the end of the world. We lost the ball game and it was a disappointing loss, but we’ll get back at it on Tuesday”

Sacramento Coach John Whisenant

On the game:
"Obviously a much better result than in Detroit. That was when we had no time to practice and they were well prepared for us there. We had an equal amount of time this time. Our team has to play defense like that for us to win. I was pleased and it was a good effort."

On the next two teams coming up:
"We are playing two teams and they are teams that we haven’t beaten this year. Of course Houston has beaten us three times. The first loss was here I believe, and we weren’t playing very well in that stretch in the early season and we were struggling. Then we lost in over time to them down there. The third game we lost to Houston was just like the one we lost to Detroit but it was even worse."

Sacramento Guard Kara Lawson

On how good it feels to get a win after the long stretch:
"Yeah. It was a tough road trip. I mean we knew that the three games were going to be tough and that they were great teams. Anytime you lose to a team as good as Detroit the way we did we were really excited to see them at home with at least a days rest instead of going back to back. We were confident we could win."

On Rebekkah Brunson:
"Yeah she did. She is just an unbelievable athlete and a great player. When she gets locked in and when she decides she is going to be aggressive and just go after the ball you cant really block her out. It’s great to see her aggressive. When her first couple of shots go in you usually know she is going to have a pretty good night.."

On Tuesday's game with the playoff implications:
"We already know that they own the tiebreaker. So that kind of stinks. They are right behind us. We both won tonight. They are one game behind us and they own the tiebreaker. If we don’t win that game then they are right there with us. Then we no longer control our own destiny. That is key when you are in playoff position, you want to control you own destiny."

Sacramento Forward/Center Erin Buescher

On coming back after the last game:
"It was just a matter of us putting our mind to it. We just came back and knew what we had to do. It’s good to be back in our own beds and our own homes. Traveling can take a toll on you mentally."

On Tuesday's game:
"They [Houston Comets] are a great team and are very talented. They are one of the top dogs in the league. I think it is a huge challenge. But when we are on step then we are sharp and it’s possible."