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Sunday, July 24, 2005 at ARCO Arena
Detroit Shock 51, Sacramento Monarchs 91

Recap | Box Score
July 24, 2005
ARCO Arena
Shock 51, Monarchs 91
Points:(DET) K. Braxton, 11
(SAC) N. Powell, 25
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 8
(SAC) R. Brunson, 7
Assists:(DET) S. Cash, 5
(SAC) T. Penicheiro, 9
Blocks:(DET) R. Riley, 4
(SAC) E. Buescher, 2
Steals:(DET) E. Powell, 2
(SAC) N. Powell, 3
Turnovers:(DET) Two tied, 4
(SAC) K. Haynie, 3
(DET) 5
(SAC) 42
Points In
The Paint:
(DET) 24
(SAC) 28
Rebbekah Brunson
  • Points: 11
  • Rebounds: 14
  • Steals: 1
  • Minutes: 31
  • Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    On his teamís performance:
    It was the same M.O. as many of our other losses: poor execution, poor shooting and second shots by the other team. Sacramento plays too hard for us to give them that many opportunities.

    On being outscored by 34 points in the second half:
    They came out and wanted the game more than us and it showed in the first five minutes. We couldnít find a right combination of players that wanted to be out there.

    n Nicole Powellís success against Detroit (leading scorer in two games this season):
    She just moves without the ball. We have the tendency to lose our players sometimes. You canít give her any space and we did.

    On what he told his team in a 20-minute post game meeting:
    We have some issues that we have to solve. It comes from everybody on our team looking inside and coming to a conclusion on what we need to get done.

    Sacramento Coach John Whisenant

    About the game:
    Itís a lot easier to come out here when we guard people than when we donít. We were on national television tonight and they were showing our numbers against New York and we were leading in all the defensive categories. How much New York ate us up. We talked about that in the pre-game. Of course we had a great practice yesterday. We practiced only on defense. Our ladies believe in our defense. It creates offense when they get the hair standing up on the back of their necks. I couldnít be happier with this group of people. Yolanda had foul trouble and wasnít a dominating force. Without DeMya and with Yolandaís foul trouble we still pushed them completely out of the game.

    About the momentum in the second half:
    We didnít want to lose momentum. For whatever reason we occasionally tightened up offensively. We normally play our defense. Our defense is what makes us special if we are special. Our defense is our equalizer. I told the girls today they could be as big and bad as they want to be but I have grown up with this defense. It is dominating defense if you play it right. Go out there and it will equalize their strength.

    About Brunsonís performance:
    I got mad at her and sat her down at the beginning of the game. She said Iíll show you coach. She got every rebound after that. Maybe I need to do that more often.

    Sacramento Forward Nicole Powell

    About setting her career high in points:
    It is nice to get out and play well. Especially when last game we were not pleased as a team. Tonight everybody came out ready to play. Rebekkah came out and had a great game. Chelsea had four assists. It was a good team effort.

    About rebounding tonight:
    It was something we had to work on. We didnít rebound well last game. It was key for us. They are the best rebounding team in the league. To compete with them we had to get on the board.

    Difference from the last game:
    We have a lot of games coming up here at home. It is an important stress for us to stay on top of the West. DeMya is a huge part of our team. We have to make up for what she does for us. You saw that tonight with everybody scoring.

    Sacramento Forward Rebekkah Brunson

    About her double-double:
    They are one of the best teams and we knew we had to come out there and win. We are limited in the post. Yolanda had foul trouble and I knew I had to pick up the slack across the board and try to get as many as possible. They play offensively. They are big and strong inside. We had to try to invade that. Even though they were a good rebounding team they werenít necessarily boxing out and they let me inside. I try to do whatever I can to help the team.