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Friday, July 7, 2006 at Target Center, Minneapolis, MN
Detroit Shock 92, Minnesota Lynx 80

Shock 92, Lynx 80
Boxscore | Recap
July 7, 2006
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN
Points:(DET) S. Cash, 19
(MIN) S. Augustus, 26
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 9
(MIN) T. Williams, 7
Assists:(DET) D. Nolan, 7
(MIN) A. Jacobs, 3
Blocks:(DET) N/A
Player of the Game
Kedra Holland-Corn
Points: 15
Assists: 3
FGM-A: 5-8
3PM-A: 3-4
Minutes: 19
Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

“We executed, I think in part with defense, but I thought offensively we were very efficient. We scored every time down. I thought Kedra Holland-Corn gave us a big lift. We've been waiting on her to produce off of the bench for us. Our defense is always solid. Our offense is what struggles, but we played good offensively. We played very well."

"Focus. Last night we had no focus in that game. It showed in the way we played basketball. We didn't play to win, and they were a little embarrassed by our performance last night and how we approached the game. We approached it much differently tonight, and it showed."

"(Augustus) made shots. She's a fine player. She made a lot of shots, but we put a little bigger player on her at times. Katie did a fine job guarding her. Swin guarded her and used her size to bother her a little bit. But they went away from her, also. She was taking every shot, and then they went away from her and they struggled offensively."

"Two fine rookies entered the league this year with Cappie Pondexter and Augustus, and we've seen them both back-to-back. They got 35 and 26 against us. They're fine offensive players. Unfortunately, they both went to teams that are struggling right now, but they are good cornerstones to build around.”

Shock Guard Katie Smith

“We were happy with the way we played. Obviously it was a disappointing loss last night. They gave us a big shot the first half. They basically were hitting everything that they threw up and we had to withstand that, and once we made our run we pretty much got it out of reach and maintained it the rest of the ballgame."

"I was just excited to see people. Obviously a lot of fond memories. It's good to see the fans. I have nothing but love for the people here who have followed me for almost eight seasons. It was just a lot of fun to see people and I love trips to get back to Minnesota. I liked it here, they were good to me, and it was fun to see a lot of people."

"When you come right into the season off of an injury -- you look at Lindsay Whalen this year -- when you come straight into the season, you're behind the eight-ball. You're always trying to catch up, and last year was just one of those years that you've got to get through. I was pretty pleased the way I played while not being at the top of my game. This year with a whole offseason, you can do what you're capable of doing.”

Shock Forward Swin Cash

“When you get smacked along the side of the head like last night, it's good to have a game the next night to regroup, and I thought we did that. I thought everyone played exceptionally well. We really moved the ball and played well as a team."

"We put a lot of pressure on Seimone. She's going to be a great player in this league. She can make tough shots, and we wanted to make every shot she took tough and always have somebody in her face. We just didn't want to give her anything easy."

"In the second quarter I just tried to be more aggressive, picking my spots and just playing within our offense. I thought I was a little bit more aggressive tonight at seeing what they were giving me and taking it, and not really worrying about anything else.”

Lynx Head Coach Suzie McConnell-Serio

"I don't know where to begin. It's just defense, defense, defense. We didn't do a good job of challenging shots. We didn't do a good job of rotating to challenge shots when we tried to double-team the post. We got 11 offensive rebounds -- which is a plus -- and limited them to six. They're one of the best rebounding teams in the league, but we didn't defend tonight. Everything we've emphasized from day one in training camp: transition defense, stopping penetration, defending screens..."

"We didn't play team defense, and for whatever reason we continue to struggle with it. I think it could be a lack of quickness on the perimeter, but more importantly, it's our effort because we can play it when we want to. We just have to be consistent with it. We came out of the locker room in the third quarter and we had a lot of energy. We did it in the third quarter, but once again, the consistency is not there... It's not just the perimeter. We get beat one-on-one in the post. The physical nature of the game we haven't been able to respond to consistently. It's across the board. And it's always been a focus, it's always been an emphasis of ours, from day one of training camp."

"It's very difficult for me to find a positive out of this game. I look at someone like Shona Thorburn, who has started practicing much better now. I think she's getting healthier. She has dealt with the ankle injury and the plantar fasciitis and has had to skip practices. We drafted her to be a playmaker and a penetrator, and that could be something that this team could benefit from. And so when we think what we need to do, she's definitely taken into consideration. And so is someone like Svet. Someone who makes things happen when she's on the floor. She never quits, and that was evident tonight."

"Sometimes I don't have answers. From the sideline, I can't put the ball in the hoop for them. I can't make passes for them. I mean, that's the difference in the game -- the second quarter, outscored 31-13. We've had a poor quarter in all of our losses, and that's where I talk about the consistency. We outscore Sacramento three out of the four quarters, but we got blown out in the first quarter."

"We're digging ourselves a hole too deep and the ladder to come out of it is too short. Can't overcome it. I think when you expend so much energy to come back from a deficit like that, the group tends to run out of gas. I saw it in Seattle. We came out of the locker room, made a great run, got a one-point lead at the end of the third quarter, and then we fell apart at the beginning of the fourth, a minute in. And they outscore us by 20, I think, in the fourth quarter."

"We'll continue to watch film. We'll continue to work on defense. By no means are we quitting. We know we're still a young team, and if it doesn't happen this year, we believe it can happen. And we just have to continue to work, but it has to start on the defensive end. We need some consistency with an inside game. We need other perimeter players to step up. And we need more of a balance. There's no doubt about it. You don't win in this league with two scorers. Teams that have been championship teams have had three, four and sometimes five players in double figures... We need to use this All-Star break as a good time to get some rest, refocus and reenergize."

Lynx Guard Megan Duffy

"Obviously, it's a little different than college. You're playing against the best players in the world now. Especially with our team being so young and not being able to find our niche in the league yet, it's pretty frustrating. So I'm just trying to keep a positive attitude and trying to bring as much as I can to the team to help us develop, and do anything I can to help us win some."

"I think defensively I have to be that intense, aggressive defender on the ball and it's a little different than at Notre Dame, where we played so much zone. So I'm getting accustomed to that. And then just being a leader out there. I think this team needs that vocal leadership, and getting us in the right spots, making our offense run smoother."

Lynx Forward Kristen Mann

"That was not where we wanted to be, especially after the first quarter. We thought we played pretty well. I can't really remember what changed at that point (in the second quarter), but we came in here, tried to refocus and focused on trying to get the ball out of the paint. Swin did some damage to us in the first half, and we wanted to limit her touches. We just wanted to come out and be aggressive offensively and defensively."

"For me at least, I don't really look at the scoreboard. Sometimes I just kind of get lost in the game and I'm not really paying attention to who's up and who's down. But at one point, I noticed that we were down by 20. So it's disappointing, but I think we fought really hard until the very end, and that's all that we can really do. They did an excellent job executing their plays offensively, and we just can't allow that many points in a game."

"I think everybody (for Detroit) did something offensively or defensively. They're a very tough team. They've got five All-Stars starting, and that's a unique group. Coach Laimbeer's got a great team on his hands... I think the hardest thing for our guards were the screens that they set to get their guards open. They've got so many weapons on the court. You can't really help too much because you've got Cheryl Ford down at the block or you've got Ruth Riley at the top taking the jumper, so they're a very difficult team to guard and that's kudos to them."