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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at Target Center
Detroit Shock 61, Minnesota Lynx 71

Recap | Box Score
July 13, 2005
Target Center
Shock 61, Lynx 71
Points:(DET) D. Nolan, 13
(MIN) S. Abrosimova, 22
Rebounds:(DET) Two tied, 6
(MIN) N. Ohlde, 8
Assists:(DET) D. Nolan, 5
(MIN) Two Tied, 4
Blocks:(DET) Four Tied, 1
(MIN) V. Hayden, 2
Steals:(DET) D. Nolan, 3
(MIN) Two tied, 3
Turnovers:(DET) Three Tied, 3
(MIN) S. Abrosimova, 3
(DET) 6
(MIN) 10
Points In
The Paint:
(DET) 36
(MIN) 26
Deanna Nolan
  • Points: 13
  • Assists: 5
  • Steals: 4
  • Minutes: 40
  • Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    On Svetlana Abrosimova's 22 point effort:
    "In a game where both teams were having trouble knocking down shots, (Abrosimova's) performance was a big difference. She hit some shots that gave Minnesota momentum throughout the game. We were still in it until Katie (Smith) knocked down that big three-pointer for them."

    On Detroit's performance:
    "Our game is to be physical, crash the boards and come away with points off that. Today, we struggled to convert off a lot of chances and that hurt us."

    On the play of the offense:
    "We got Plenette (Pierson) to do exactly what she did for us today. Plenette and Swin (Cash) played very well for us today. However, we are just struggling to get anything consistent going on offense. We need to step up and have a better offensive effort all around as a team."

    Shock Forward Swin Cash

    On her performace this season:
    "With every game, with every practice, it's getting better. I'm gaining more confidence. I feel like I'm starting to play real well. It makes it a lot easier on me because we have Plenette here now, and she's doing a fabulous job for us. It doesn't put as much pressure on me to have to go out there and play 30, 40 minutes a game."

    On Minnesota:
    "I think they wanted it more. They made the plays down the stretch. We didn't. I'm disappointed in our effort at the end, but there's still a lot of season left, and we've just got to move to the next game and be more physical and more mentally into the game for 40 minutes."

    Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

    On Katie Smith:
    "The whole point tonight was just minimizing (Smith's) touches -- trapping her, keeping the ball out of her hands."

    On the difference in the game:
    "(The difference was) 'threes' by them and also turnovers on our part. The second half, we didn't take care of the ball. We fought hard to stay in the game up until the last 5-6 minutes, but we just let it slip away."

    Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio

    On playing at home:
    "It's good to be at home. We are a different team, as I am reminded consistently, between home and away. Obviously that is something we try to take advantage of, and it made a difference today. Great crowd and great enthusiasm... I told them that we have to figure out -- between now and when we play in New York on Friday night -- what our game-day routine is, and transfer it to the road."

    On Svetlana Abrosimova:
    "Svet definitely responded to the challenge of trying to get our team on track... It was indicative walking into practice yesterday and seeing her on the gun (shooting machine). The hard work she put in obviously paid off and transferred to the game. She was a difference-maker tonight."

    On the Lynx defense:
    "I think we mixed up our defenses (in the second half). Our zone was definitely key for us. It created a lot more transition opportunities... We're much better when we move the basketball and make the extra pass."

    On Katie Smith:
    "I saw (Smith) be patient and not force the issue. If you watch the game, you can see how they key on Katie... The focus of every team's scouting report is try to shut down Katie or key on Katie... Katie is not one to show a whole lot of emotion. She takes things like this (5,000 points) in stride, as she has always done. She never made a big deal of it. It's a great accomplishment and I'm sure she is very proud, but I'm sure there's also a sense of relief."

    Lynx Forward Svetlana Abrosimova

    On today's win:
    "It was a lot of fun. We moved the ball extremely well. Everybody played great. It was just a good game... We had the All-Star break, so it was a good time to think about many things. We didn't finish quite as well as we wanted to, and I guess this was a fresh start for us. We just forgot about the first half of the season."

    On scoring 22 points:
    "I have games when I haven't scored at all. So it's hard for me, because I'm a scorer, to handle those games. I started working a lot on my shot. It was a good day. I didn't force anything, everything was good enough, and it felt good... Some games I score, some games I don't, but we have a lot of good post players. If Vanessa is playing great, we try to get things to her. It's not easy to score on this team but at the same time, if everyone shares the ball, we get our opportunities."

    On the disparity between the home and road record:
    "That (winning at home, losing on the road) was a big problem for us because we just couldn't win on the road. I don't know what we do wrong, but somehow we have to figure it out. But now we know that's the problem and we're really going to take it seriously... I think it's a mental thing for us. Coach is trying to find a reason, but it's all mental, like in preparation for the game. I guarantee we're going to take it really seriously now and win more games on the road."

    On the second half of the season:
    "We have to get to the next level, because right now we're just average. We're winning some and losing some. We have to pick it up, stop making little mistakes, play better offense and better defense, and just stay together."

    On Katie Smith:
    "(Smith) was the same. We just knew what she had to score, but she's not the type of person who says, let me do it today at home. She's a great shooter and it's just amazing. She's primarily an offensive player, but sometimes she is also our best defender and she has to chase the (opponents') best players around. And all the energy she brings, it's hard to do that every day."

    Lynx Guard Katie Smith

    On reaching 5,000 points scored:
    "I am glad I got it over with. Now I can move on and add on... It's neat for the fact that no one has done it and it's just set a standard, but there's nothing for it. It's just out there. It's great, but let's play ball. I'm glad we got the win today and we play again Friday. In the big scheme of it, it's really just a number, just like every other record that anybody else has ever had... I think later it will have a better meaning, or an understanding of what it means or who else has done it with you. Now it's just basically setting a standard and hopefully there will be more to follow."

    On the record affecting her game:
    "I didn't knock down a couple that were open, but we moved the ball and played well together today. The shots I got, I took, but it wasn't like I was going to go out and shoot 20 times to make sure I got it. If it happened, it happened. If it didn't happen today, it would happen the next day, so it was a matter of just playing the game. If I was 0-for-whatever, then we just go out there on Friday. The record doesn't stop me from doing anything or changing my mindset."

    On her reaction to getting the record:
    "I was angry that I didn't get a foul called (on the shot to reach 5,000 points). I wasn't thinking about the shot. I got bumped and lucky I even hit the shot. It (reaction) wasn't for the 5,000; it was more just the basketball game."

    On fan interaction:
    "We love what we do. We embrace the fact that we are approachable and not out of reach for people. For kids, we interact, we sign autographs, we see them. So today, with all the kids here, they don't exactly know what's going on, but they're here watching the game. Just to have that, if they play basketball, to know that (5,000 points) is possible and it's something that can happen, it will hopefully give them something to shoot for if that's what they love."

    Lynx Forward Tamika Williams

    On the officiating:
    "For me, I just never blame the refs. They're here to make sure the game doesn't get too ugly. There were six free throws shot in the first half of this game, and that was across the board, between both teams. They didn't call much today, so we have to adjust. You don't want it where they're calling one thing and not the other. I never look at them as deciding games."

    On what it takes to win:
    "It's just mental. Everybody's banged up, everybody's hurt, everybody's got sore knees and sore ankles, and that's around the league. Some people are injured and playing through it. Now it's the toughness between your ears to make the right decisions, and whoever makes the least will win."