Saturday, July 3rd, 2004 at Target Center

Detroit Shock 70, Minnesota Lynx 78

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July 3rd, 2004
Target Center
Shock 70, Lynx 78
Points:(DET) A. Walker, 16
(MIN) K. Smith, 27
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 10
(MIN) 2 tied, 5
Assists:(DET) D. Nolan, 6
(MIN) H. Darling, 9
Blocks:(DET) 3 tied, 1
(MIN) V. Hayden, 3
Steals:(DET) 2 tied, 3
(MIN) H. Darling, 3
Turnovers:(DET) R. Riley, 4
(MIN) T. Williams, 3
(DET) 10
(MIN) 8
(DET) 8
(MIN) 8
Katie Smith
  • Points: 27
  • Rebounds: 2
  • Assists: 3
  • Minutes: 36
  • Smith's Season Statistics
    Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    "The loss was a combination of things. The referees stuck it to us in the first five minutes of the game. That put us back on our heels. Turnovers... and their two post players played better than our two post players."

    "We have a lot of injuries. We let a lot of early games slip away, and that has put us in this bind. Right now we have a losing record almost midway through the season. We've given away some games... We had this game under control, and this is how we've been playing. We just can't seem to find a way to close out games."

    Shock Forward Cheryl Ford

    "The difference for us, I guess, was a lack of focus coming out in the second half. Vanessa Hayden outplayed me. She got whatever position she wanted -- and she scored -- so I will take the blame for that. Katie Smith had a good game. She did what she was supposed to do."

    Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

    "Coming out in the second half, we didn't do a good job of slowing it down. They came out and had confidence in themselves, and with that confidence, they could come back and win it. In the first half, they didn't have any of that."

    "We had control of the game -- the way we wanted the game to go. The (Lynx) post players made the difference, and got any shots they wanted, really. I don't know what it was, if the guards didn't come down low to help or not."

    "I think one of the things we didn't do was keep (Smith) out of her zone. We really didn't find her, and she hit some big 'threes'. She had 10-13 points right away, which gave them the momentum and got them right back into the game."

    Lynx Head Coach Suzie McConnell Serio

    "This was a great game to coach. It's fun to watch the team come together, and to watch them learn to trust each other... They've really learned to trust each other on the defensive end. They have the confidence that if they pressure the ball, there will be help and the defense will rotate. It's a new group, and we have struggled offensively and defensively at times. But we look like a group that's starting to come together... I don't look at this as a statement to anyone. It's about us taking care of the Lynx and accomplishing the goals that we had set for ourselves."

    "That's what we had hoped for when Vanessa got healthy. I was hoping it was just a matter of time. She's had great practices. Unfortunately, she's had foul trouble so far this season. She got two quick fouls tonight, but she came over to the bench, and I told her that she had to learn to play with two fouls. I wasn't going to take her out. In the second half, conditioning was a factor for her. She had the ability to play extended minutes. She played the last 14-15 minutes of the game, and she made a difference. She was an impact player. She was there for double-teams, she took charges, and she finished. She made them change their game plan."

    "I'm happy for Vanessa. It's been tough for her, with no training camp and no exhibition season. She's worked hard in practice. We knew coming in (that) this would be a good game for her, on the basis that they are post-oriented. She did a good job on Cheryl Ford. She really challenged her."

    "Katie Smith was Katie Smith. She hit big shots that got us going. Helen Darling's defense was tremendous. Her on-the-ball, full-court pressure was a spark for us."

    "To be honest, at the beginning of the year I didn't think we would have Svet. It's a bonus what she's bringing to us right now. She brings great energy. She is constantly moving and gets her hands on the ball. She's been a great addition. It hurt to take her out of the game tonight. Our trainer came over and said her minutes were up. It was very difficult to take her out... It's only her third game back. We are limited to seven and seven (minutes) with her. We just have to see where she is the day after the game. She has been sore, but I'll take 17 minutes right now from Svet. She brings a lot in those minutes."

    Lynx Center Vanessa Hayden

    "I came in yesterday with Nancy (Darsch) to watch film. They were talking about Detroit and Cheryl Ford, and the similarities between us, and it made me want to go in and work hard. I had to go in with Nancy and work real hard, and I think it paid off with that energy."

    "I was going for a block, and I saw (Nolan) coming and didn't jump. That charge gave me some energy I didn't know I had. I saw in her eyes that she wasn't going to stop, and I wasn't going to move."

    "It (foot injury) is not a problem. I still rehab and everything, and get in and do what I have to do with the trainer. But I go in practice. Rehab and ice is all I do. Definitely, it was a matter of conditioning and confidence, I would say. Getting out there and feeling like I was supposed to be out there... Feeling like you contributed to a team on a victory? It's the greatest feeling in the world."

    "My thing coming out of college was help the helper -- always be in the right help position. Detroit has a great inside game. You just had to go in there and be tough. It was a battle -- a great, physical battle."

    Lynx Guard Katie Smith

    "(Hayden) obviously made a big difference. With what they had -- with Cheryl Ford and Ruth Riley and the size that they had -- she was a big presence, and a big help when people turned in the middle. And the confidence she had offensively -- knocking down shots, taking them, not second-guessing or thinking about them -- so yeah, she was a huge presence. Tonight she did an awesome job, and every night, hopefully, her presence will be felt."

    "Obviously we have some ability to score. Not every night you're going to shoot the ball well. Sometimes it's going to be a struggle, sometimes it's going to be so solid. It depends... We're capable of it. Is it going to happen every single night? Maybe not. But defensively, we made stops when we needed it. We boxed out towards the end, against a team like this that's awesome with the o-boards. We felt good about it. We have the ability. It's just not every night that it's going to fall like it did."

    "I don't know if it's much of a statement. We're 7-8. We're still right in the middle of the pack. We've lost games to teams with a similar record to us. We haven't won more than two games in a row, so what kind of statement? I'm not sure. If we win another game, another two games, maybe that's a statement. We build off of wins, and it was a nice thing to see what we did Wednesday -- and to take it tonight and run with it. The next thing to do is to come out and go to Indiana -- who's a tough team to play against, who's going to attack us and come at us. We feel confident in ourselves -- we always have -- but we have to bring it every night... This is a nice start, and we go to Indiana and that's the next step."