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Sunday, July 9, 2006 at Toyota Center, Houston, TX
Detroit Shock 66, Houston Comets 60

Shock 66, Comets 60
Boxscore | Recap
July 9, 2006
Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Points:(DET) R. Riley, 16
(HOU) S. Swoopes, 14
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 10
(HOU) T. Phillips, 7
Assists:(DET) Two Tied, 6
(HOU) Two Tied, 4
Blocks:(DET) N/A
Player of the Game
Ruth Riley
Points: 16
Rebounds: 7
FGM-A: 8-12
Minutes: 34
Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

On the play of the game and Houston's 4th quarter come back:
“You're always a little concerned in the WNBA because the teams are so good. They got hot and we weren't making shots, but our defense was solid and that's what carried us through. We knew they were short with injuries and had to win their home games. We knew in the first quarter they would come out, give it their best shot, try to stick it to us, and get a lead; but, we matched their intensity and that was good for us.”

On the play of Kedra Holland-Corn:
“It happens. That's why you have benches and that's why I went out and got Kedra Holland-Corn this year. I thought in the first half she played very well. She didn't play very well in the second half, but in the first half she played well and kept us in the game.”

On the play of Ruth Riley:
“Ruth is a great screener and a great perimeter shooter. With Swin Cash and Cheryl Ford patroling the inside, Ruth is more of a perimeter player for us and she makes open shots. She's a big body to set good screens. She gets people open and they have to respect our gaurds, so she's open for the wide open shots.”

On the importance of Deanna Nolan and her potential to be one of the best players in the league:
“She's a great player both offensively and defensively. Nobody can gaurd her because she's so fast. But, she has to find that emotion and desire one day. Right now she's one of the best players there is. She can do that (take over a game) whenever she wants to. It's just a matter of if she wants to do it at that particular moment.”

On the importance of getting a good seed in the playoff race:
“We are trying to get the best record overall in the league. If we win our home games, we win the championship. We're one game behind the best record and we have a lot of home games coming up. We only have five more road games for the rest of the year. I think that with our home schedule, if we win them all, we'll have the best record.”

On tonight's win:
“That's right! It's the first time we ever won here!”

Shock Center Ruth Riley

On her play:
“Well, my play depends on my teammates. We have such great post players in Cheryl Ford and Swin Cash down on the block, so when my man doubles, I'm wide open.”

Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

On her early foul trouble:
“Of course it's frustrating when they are calling bogus calls and you think otherwise. That starts to get you out of the game and out of the flow when you're out early and have to sit until it's safe for you to play without picking up another foul. I played maybe the first two minutes (of the game) and had to sit down. It's frustrating, but at the start of the third I just had to get back in the flow of the game and get my legs underneath me since I didn't play that much. But, we scored when we needed to.”

Comets Head Coach Van Chancellor

On the play of the game:
“Tonight I was really, really, really proud of our team. We had 3 or 4 opporunities to fold and we didn't. We were down 13 points to begin the 4 quarter and we put in Mistie Williams. I just thought her and Sancho Lyttle energized us. We spent so much energy getting there and then we didn't have it. I was pleased; playing a Detroit team is just a bear for us to guard.”

On falling behind by 18 points:
“You just spend so much energy getting back in the game that it's hard to have anything left, and that's what we've done. Playing Detroit is a tough match-up for us with Dominique Canty and Tina Thompson, but without them, it's a REAL tough match up. We came back against their first group and I think it's very indicative of something - that is, we all want to win but what we want to do with Cometball is what we did tonight. I don't usually pay attention to this, but the number of fans that stood up and clapped as we left the floor; that's what I want to leave here. I want to lead a team that puts our hearts out there and I thought that in the last quarter, we did.”

On the post-game talk to the team:
“I told them I was really proud of them for getting back in the game. I just didn't think that we were aggressive enough to get back in the game. We had a defensive plan but some of them just didn't follow it.”

Concerning the airball with 4 minutes to go:
“They're human beings. The ball didn't even come close to hitting the rim. They're human beings and don't have the advantage of having a replay.”

About the open Detroit shots:
“When we substituted and got Sancho and them in there, we stopped all of that. Too many wide-open looks. They shot the ball and when we tightened up our defense, they didn't shoot the ball. We've got a shot; when we played hard, we were right there and when we didn't play hard, we were not there.”

About Mistie Williams and her aggressive playing:
“Here's what we do sometimes and this would be my one criticism of us as a staff...I sometimes think we put too much faith in athletic basketball abilities instead of relying on people who jusyt play hard and who get other people open. I thought Mistie Williams was just outstanding here tonight, in that respect.”

Headed to the All-Star break, how opportunisitic do you feel:
“I feel good after tonight because we're going to change things and if you get to play, you get to play, and if you don't, then you get to sit with me.”

Comets Forward Mistie Williams

On the game:
“I felt we fought hard. We really have been working on staying together when times get rough. I felt we fought real hard and when it comes down to it we just ended up a little short.”

How do you feel the Comets played defensively:
“I think we played really good defensively. We didn't have very many breakdowns and we really have been working on that. We haven't been great the past couple of games and we really buckled down yesterday in practice and we brought it out today. It has to be a whole collective effort and it has to be one hundred percent each game.”

Comets Center Michelle Snow

Overall impession of today's game:
“Even though we lost tonight, we lost playing hard and we are getting better each night and that is what we want.”

On Comet's defensive play:
“We said before the game, that even if time gets ahead and we fall behind, we are going to stay together. It is a process. I think that our comeback just adds to our confidence.”

Comets Forward Sheryl Swoopes

Overall impression of today's game and how the Comets played defensively:
“For the majority of the game I thought we played some pretty solid defense. We had some mental lapses of defensive assignments. I think we are getting better, but I think a lot of our problem is the effort or lack thereof. It's frustrating to lose a game period, and then to feel like you were right there, but just couldn't get over the hump. Besides that, I think one of the most encouraging things I saw from the game was that Mistie Williams was incredible. To be honest with you, she is my player of the game. She did it on both ends of the floor and she was huge for us. She gave us that energy and that little extra something we needed coming off of the bench.”