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Tuesday, August 2, 2005 at Toyota Center
Detroit Shock 61, Houston Comets 62

Recap | Box Score
August 2, 2005
Toyota Center
Shock 61, Comets 62
Points:(DET) D. Nolan, 23
(HOU) S> Swoopes, 17
Rebounds:(DET) D. Nolan, 10
(HOU) Three tied, 5
Assists:(DET) D. Nolan, 5
(HOU) Four tied, 4
Blocks:(DET) C. Ford, 2
(HOU) M. Snow, 2
Steals:(DET) C. Ford, 4
(HOU) S. Swoopes, 3
Turnovers:(DET) Three tied, 3
(HOU) S. Swoopes, 7
(DET) 6
(HOU) 14
Points In
The Paint:
(DET) 34
(HOU) 26
Deanna Nolan
  • Points: 23
  • Rebounds: 10
  • Assists: 5
  • Minutes: 39
  • Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

    On the play of the game:
    "Any loss is disappointing and fought hard in the second half but, we can't give teams like that leads on us in the first half. We turned the ball over too many times and we really weren't in the game as well as we should have been. Even though we were down 12 at the half we were playing terrible basketball. We knew that if we played solid defense we would give ourselves a chance to win and we did that, but we just couldn't execute down the stretch."

    On the second half:
    "We talked about standing up and as the players call it "man up" because we were't doing that in the first half. We have a tendency at times to not play hard enough to win basketball games and we dig ourselves holes where we have to play pick up."

    On the first half performance:
    "That's who we are, we are trying to fix that; we brought in Katie Smith who will help, but we are trying to fix that lackadaisical problem that we have at long stretches in the game."

    On the referees:
    "It was disappointing with the referee crew. They let things get out of hand. Snow took a swing on one of our players and they called technical foul on us which was very discouraging for that crew and I feel sorry for them because they kind a lied to me. They told me that none of them saw it, but they all saw it and you just can't take referees lying to you. It's just not right!"

    On the push for playoffs:
    "We're fine, we have it mapped out what we need to do in order to make the play-offs. We lost this game, but hey, we played hard. If we continue to play this hard for 40 minutes, nobody can beat us. When we have lapses, we put ourselves at risk."

    On the last three plays:
    "Get Nolan the ball. She's our leading scorer, she can create anything, she can jump over anybody, she's made big shots in the past, and we were trying to get her the ball in a couple of situations and the very last one we got was a good shot. Sometimes they just don't go in."

    On Swin Cash's status:
    "Today I thought she just didn't have it. There's going to be some days where she is going to be a little sore and I think today was one of those days."

    Shock Guard Deanna Nolan

    On her taking last three shots of game:
    "I can't complain, the last one was a good pass and a good play. It just came up a little short. But still, I thought during the course of the game, we fought back. We couldn't get over the hump in the first half, it was a slow start for us, but I thought we fought real hard and almost came out with a win."

    On losing the game:
    "It was pretty big, but we're not going to let this one game get us down. We know the things that made us lose this game and we'll just carry that over to the next game. We're still going to go out and try and win every game. We're fighting for that play-off spot and I know we have a chance to do it, we just have to get it together for 40 minutes and not just the second half. We were more aggressive in the second half, we were getting steals, playing team defense, coming after them and doing all the little things that we weren't doing in the first half and that's what got us back in the game. We started knocking down shots and rebounding and that what got us in the second half."

    Shock Forward Cheryl Ford

    On the play of the game:
    "We weren't all on the same page. We were a second late on defense and we weren't all together as a team on defense or offense. We knew we needed to come out in the second half and give it all we had. Today was a big game for us and we wanted to win, of course, but it just didn't turn out that way. I think that Bill knows what he is doing, our coaching staff and organization knows what they are doing and the transition that they are making with the team. They are just trying to put us in a position to win a championship. Our team last year would have given up and would not have fought back, but I know that this year we have it in our hearts to fight back."

    Comets Head Coach Van Chancellor

    On the game:
    "I was really proud of our team for coming back. The 3-pointer that Dawn Staley hit (near the end of the game) made that trade (Kristen Rasmussen, Adrienne Goodsen and Houston's 2006 1st round draft pick for Dawn Staley) look pretty good. Sancho Lyttle was just a rebounding machine down the stretch. We played a good team tonight...we beat a team that's going to be there (in the playoffs). This is a team that's deep, really good."

    On the Comets losing their 14-point lead in the fourth quarter:
    "We turned the ball over too much (17). We did everything wrong that you're supposed to do with a 14-point lead, but we found a way to win...give us credit for that."

    On the addition of Dawn Staley to the lineup:
    "I think when Dawn Staley learns what we're doing, she's going to be pretty good for us. She ran our team, she got me the ball where I wanted it. That 3-pointer she hit was unbelievable. She guarded better than I thought she could...we're talking about a player that practiced 6 or 7 minutes today."

    Comets Forward Sheryl Swoopes

    On the game:
    "This was a big win for us. It sounds like the same old song...we come out the first half and played some great basketball. Offensively, we were on a roll, but I was more impressed with our defensive effort. Then we come out in the 2nd half and allowed them to get into the game, letting them get the momentum. We had to fight to get back...we could have folded in the 2nd half, but we found a way to win and pulled this one out."

    On Detroit's comeback from a 14-point deficit in the second half:
    "We talked about that at halftime. We knew they were going to come out and get physical with us, which is exactly what they did. They were very, very physical, but we've got to get used to that. We got very frustrated when we weren't getting the calls we thought we should. They are very aggressive, gritty, defensive-oriented team. If they give us that kind of play, we've got to give it back."

    Comets Guard Dawn Staley

    On the trade that brought her to Houston:
    "I didn't ask to be traded...I would never ask. My loyalty with always be with the organization I'm playing with. I'm not a quitter. Just because things are not going the way I want them to and not getting positive results, I would never quit. I love the game of basketball. I like being around talented individuals. I want to see the Sting do well, but unfortunately, I won't be able to finish out with them. But I am going to go full strength ahead with this organization...they wanted me here, they embraced me and I'm going to give them everything I have."

    Comets Forward Tina Thompson

    On the game:
    "In the 2nd half, Detroit picked up defensively. They kind of took us out of our rhythm that we had so well in the 1st half. Our shots just weren't falling in the 2nd half. We just had to grind it out. We knew it was going to be one of those games, basket for basket, and each play was going to count. Thank goodness for us it was in our favor."

    On the final possession of the game, which was held by Detroit:
    "The referees let us play. They basketball run its course. I think they referred very well in the last 2 minutes. Defensively, we stopped them from making shots, but they kept on getting their hands on the ball on rebounds. We kept saying, after 3 or 4 shots, 'one more stop.' And that's what happened...the ball went out of bounds and time expired and we got the W."