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Thursday, August 24, 2006 at The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI
Detroit Shock 70, Connecticut Sun 59

Shock 70, Sun 59
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August 24, 2006
The Palace of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, MI
Points:(DET)D. Nolan, 21
(CON) Two-tied, 13
Rebounds:(DET) C. Ford, 23
(CON) McWilliams-Franklin, 9
Assists:(DET) D. Nolan, 7
(CON) Three-tied, 3
Blocks:(DET) R. Riley, 1
(CON) M. Dydek, 4
Players of the Game
Cheryl Ford
Points: 11
Rebounds: 23
FGM-A: 4-10
FTM-A: 3-5
Minutes: 36
Deanna Nolan
Points: 21
Rebounds: 3
Assists: 7
FTM-A: 6-7
Minutes: 39
Shock Head Coach Bill Laimbeer

On the game:
" Game 1 is over and we did what we were supposed to do. We were supposed to defend our home court. They jumped us at the start, we didn’t play well to open the game, but we kept our composure and we continued to play hard. One thing we did, we played hard. There were spurts there where we had a little bit of a lapse but it wasn’t too long, but for the most part I thought our effort was there and then our defense took over. I think our defense was outstanding tonight, we had good focus on our rotations, we challenged shots, we got through their pick-and-rolls effectively, threw them for a little bit of a loop at the end of the first half with a little bit of zone, but for the most part I thought our effort defensively on man-to-man was outstanding tonight and that’s what won the ball game for us, as well as Cheryl Ford’s 23 rebounds. That was just a Herculean effort on her part out there going and getting all those rebounds, but we know that’s just one game, we have a long way to go, we have to win a game in hostile territory and that’s our focus right now. This game is past, we’ll watch some film, but this game is over. The next game will be the hardest game we’ve had to play in a long, long time and we’re expecting an all-out war."

Shock Forward Cheryl Ford

On the game:
" That’s what we discussed the three days in practice, we had to limit their second shots and that’s what we tried to do.”

On limiting Margo Dydek:
“Bill [Laimbeer] just told us to box her out early and that’s what I tried to.”

On whether winning two games in Connecticut in the regular season adds confidence going into Game 2:
“The first part of the season is over, this is the playoffs. Connecticut is a great team, they’re going to have their fan base behind them at home and we’re going to have to go in there and play hard. We won there twice in the regular season, but that’s all out the window. This is a whole [different] ball game.”

Sun Head Coach Mike Thibault

On the game:
“Obviously we have our work cut out for us at home. I thought our defense was good. I actually thought our rebounding was good for long stretches. The disparity in numbers comes from the fact that we missed over 50 shots for the second game in a row. There were a lot of rebounds to get. Our offense in the second and fourth quarter was not good. They really stepped up a notch and got better." "

On Cheryl Ford:
"Cheryl only scored 11 points. Her 23 rebounds were a lot but 15 were our misses. We had a lot of misses and someone had to go get them. I'm not discriminating; her eight rebounds were great effort plays, she hustled to get those. I thought she had a big impact on the game but I thought their two guards, Nolan and Smith, were terrific for them. They fed off of Ford's rebounding."

On Katie Douglas:
"She didn't even come out to try and play in this game. There was no intention ever, when she came out. The reason she came out was that she went to Indianapolis to see the doctor that did her other foot. She's had the foot injected to try and dull it. It's not an injury that she could make worse by playing but she's not ready to play. If we get lucky and she can play in one of the games on the weekend, great. But she didn't come out to test it to play tonight."

Sun Forward Nykesha Sales

On the game:
"We just couldn't put the ball in the basket, I think. They started getting a lot fast break points, fouls, easy free throws and we couldn't put it in the basket whether it was a lay-up, three or off the dribble. Whatever it was. We missed 50 shots, that's a lot of shots. It's definitely not something that we can't fix though. We still have the game Saturday at home. We'll try to make it happen on Saturday."

On her shooting woes:
"I've never, ever had a stretch like that. It's frustrating definitely. I've never kind of been through this before. I've never actually sat out the season before either. It's just unfamiliar territory. Some players go through that, unfortunately for me, its just happening during the playoffs, the second half of the season. I've got to keep shooting, keep looking for the open man or do some other things. Right now my body's not in rhythm. When that happens the shots don't fall."