Kiesha Brown: Teaching Through Her Game

By: Danielle Parker

Tulsa Shock’s Kiesha Brown hails from … well she hails from all over. Over the span of the last eight years, she has played basketball in not only in the WNBA, but across the globe. And in June, she signed to make Tulsa her new home.

Throughout Brown’s WNBA career she has worn the jerseys of teams such as Washington, Houston, New York, Minnesota and Connecticut. In the off-season, Brown has also played internationally in Spain, Turkey, Russia, Israel and the Czech Republic.

While basketball is one of her greatest passions, she also ranks education at the top of the list which is why she was inspired to start Change the Cycle, a foundation that teaches children the importance of financial literacy and is based on the principal, “If you are faithful with a little, you will be blessed with much.”

“A lot of kids do not know about money, and they grown up to be adults that don’t know how to manage their finances responsibly,” Brown said. “Budgeting, opening a savings and checking account, it is all very easy, but most kids are just unaware. It’s not complicated, but you do have to learn it.”

No matter where she travels or what team she is on, Brown’s mission is the same: teaching children responsible life skills now, so they can be successful later on in life.

“Being a professional athlete, it is easy to attract attention, especially from the younger crowd. But I don’t want to play just for the attention” she said. “I use this platform to reach kids, and from there I am able to teach financial literacy.”

And Tulsa has become the perfect “platform” for Brown to educate from. Since coming to Green Country, Brown has made it her intent to be a role model on and off the court. And it is her hope that her example will be one that inspires this generation and makes Tulsa proud.

“I am excited to be here and play for a city that has such life and energy,” she said. “Being on a first year team puts me in a place where I can share what I have learned with younger athletes.”

Although it has taken hard work and dedication to get where she is today, Kiesha constantly reinforces the belief that seeing your dreams come true is possible to attain.

“I keep working to become a better athlete and a better me,” she said. “And I am always looking for the opportunity to teach that idea to others.”