Shock Fans Review The 2011 WNBA Draft

The Tulsa Shock held their 2011 WNBA Draft watch party at the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino. Over 100 people made up of season tickets holders, fans and sponsors attended the event in anticipation of the Shock's second and seventh selections. Below are the thoughts and feelings of the fans after the first round of the draft.

"I'm excited about it. I'm excited to have Elizabeth Cambage. I think that she is going to bring someting on the inside that we need. I'm glad that we went big with both picks. I think that's what we needed, we have a ton of guards so i love both of those picks." - Ralene Justice

"I'd like to see them try to move that 6-8 out of the paint. She's not going anywhere. The second pick I'm really happy with as well. We needed someone to bolster us in that area. We need the speed and we need the size." - Dana Doyle

"Fantastic. We are really excited about both of the players that we got. I'm pleased with our picks." - Carolyn Battle

"I think it went great. We have enough guards on that team. I think the bigs we picked with the second and seventh picks are going to help a lot." - Amy Pierce

"Our draft was great. We got the two heights that we need. It's really going to make this season fabulous."- Kathy Jewell

"it's just way awesome. From the beginning I've wanted Liz Cambage." - Stephanie Fisher

"I think the draft went great. I enjoyed it and thought it was very engaging." - Denise Vaultosen

"I think Nolan did a great job drafting our second and seventh picks." - Rachel Isedore

"I think the draft went really well. I think Nolan did a good job trying to get height and trying to create a much better team than last year which I feel we have done." Andrea Traovison