Edwards Nominated for the Basketball HOF

From a small town in Georgia to national and international prominence and now finally a place remember to it all – the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Newly hired Director of Player Personnel, Teresa Edwards, was announced as one of the 10 nominees for the Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

“There’s so much that has transpired in Teresa’s playing career. I don’t think anyone could have forseen it including Teresa,” Georgia Head Coach Andy Landers said. “It really would have been far-fetched that anyone could play in 20 years of Olympics.”

Landers coached Edwards when she led the Bulldogs to two Final Four appearances in 1983 and 1985 and recognized that she was going to be special because of her relentless competitive nature.

“Teresa Edwards is the greatest competitor to have ever laced up high tops in women’s basketball," Landers said. "We knew early on that she was different. I knew early on that she was both self-motivated and she was a person that others could motivate as well. When you put those two things together – someone who has a tremendous pride and passion regarding the way she plays, if she’s got a reasonable amount of ability she’s going to do well but she had more than a reasonable amount of ability.”

Between praising Edwards’ demeanor both on and off the court, Landers recalled a story that he felt defined her spirit and drive to win. While loading the bus to play a non-conference game which the Bulldogs were expected to win handedly, Landers overheard Edwards dreading the game and saying something along the lines of “I’m hating this.” After the game and the team had won by over 40 points, Edwards confessed her disappointment.

“Man, Coach, I just hate games that you know you are going to win by 40,” Edwards said.

Edwards enjoyed the tough stuff, the challenges and the grind-it-out games that were difficult.

Edwards is USA Basketball’s first and only American basketball player (male or female) to compete in five Olympics where she has won four golds and one bronze medal. She earned the distinct honor of being the youngest recipient of a women’s Olympic gold medal in 1984 and the oldest gold medalist in 2001. Team USA has compiled a record of 205-14 with Edwards on the roster. She was named the USA Basketball Player of the Year in 1987, 1990, 1996 and 2000 and was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010. She currently serves on the USA Basketball Board of Directors and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Board.

“No women’s basketball player, none, no women’s basketball player, has accomplished what Teresa Edwards has accomplished. She’s the most decorated women’s basketball player in the world. Her being in the Hall of Fame is an absolute no-brainer.”

The inductees to the Hall of Fame will be announced later on this year with the induction ceremony taking place this summer.

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