Draft Q&A With President Steve Swetoha

Tulsa Shock President Steve Swetoha originally came back from league meetings in New York in November with the second overall pick the 2011 WNBA Draft. Now, with the draft right around the corner, Swetoha is anxious for the upcoming selections. Swetoha was named President of the team last January and with over a year under his belt, he participated in a Q&A to discuss the 2011 WNBA Draft on April 11.

Tulsa Shock: What's the buzz around draft preparations this year?
Steve Swetoha With only 11 days before the 2011 WNBA Draft, there is a lot of excitement around the offices, amongst our fans and and in the community. You would not believe the amount of questions I get around town from fans, season ticket holders, business leaders while attending meetings and the various events I attend in Tulsa. The number one question people ask me is: "are you going to draft the 6-foot-8 Liz Cambage out of Australia?" My response is I leave that to the coaching staff but she is a player that would be a great fit in Tulsa and getting a chance to select her at number two would be incredible. She would be a great addition to our team.

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Tulsa Shock: Are you surprised by the number of times you are asked about the upcoming draft?
SS: I'm really not surprised. This is a city that loves basketball and with Oklahoma State and the University of Oklahoma a few hours away it only adds to the excitement and knowledge our fans have about women's basketball. I am surprised about the number of people who stop me while I am at the YMCA or other events wearing my Tulsa Shock gear, who we know may not have been to a game yet, and ask me about Cambage and other prospects.

Tulsa Shock: How is your season-ticket holder and corporate fan base feeling about the draft?
SS: They are very excited about the second pick because they know we are going to get a player that will make an impact this season. Some say that we don't want to be picking first or second every year but this is the year to do it. This year, we have the the ability to get a great player with the second overall pick and the draft as a whole is going to be pretty special.

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Tulsa Shock: What are your overall thoughts on the draft this year?
SS: The draft is extremely deep this year and having had a chance to watch some of the players during the season and NCAA tournament has been inspiring. Not only are we going to get a great player with our second pick, we feel we will also have a chance to get a great player at the seventh spot as well. So we are all excited and can't wait to get our players to Tulsa.

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