Detroit's Cheryl Ford
Allen Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images
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Cheryl Ford Invests in Women’s Leadership and Learning

On the evening of March 31, the Detroit Shock’s Cheryl Ford got the chance to share her success story with those in attendance at the 3rd Annual Women Investing in Leadership and Learning Conference (W.I.L.L.). The Ferris State University Student Government sponsored the event, which spotlights successful women who demonstrate excellent leadership skills in their respective professional fields. The conference recognizes the fact that there are many differences in the ways that women commit to leadership and learning, and the goal is to celebrate those differences while encouraging further advancement in all women.

Ford, 2004 WNBA All-Star and 2003 Rookie of the Year, gave some background information about herself and discussed some of the struggles that she has had to overcome in order to earn her leadership status. In addition, Ford revealed some of her motivations and inspirations, while giving some advice for future women leaders.

“I think it is important for women to get ahead professionally,” Ford explained. “Events like this are a great way to encourage women to take control of their future. I’m honored to speak at an event that does so much.”

Other speakers included Terri DeBoer, meteorologist for WOOD-TV8 in West Michigan, and Chris MacInnes, senior vice president for Crystal Enterprises, which operates Crystal Mountain Resort. The two-hour event was free and open to the public. Donations were accepted and all proceeds went to benefit the Ferris State University Tsunami Relief Fund.