Diana Taurasi MVP Press Conference Quotes

On being told she won MVP: "I got the phone call from Ann Meyers about two days ago, and I was walking around the mall and she told me. I was so nervous and so excited and shocked and I felt like a little kid again.

Throughout my career you get a lot of awards, first team, all star, but this one truly means a lot. After this summer of a lot of up and downs, I've really got to see the people that have my back from the Phoenix Mercury, the Suns, my family.

So it's been very special and the 11 most important people were my teammates. You know, they had my back the whole time and that means a lot. If I try to list every single person that I should I'm going to miss probably everyone, but I know when they read it, the people who had a hand in it will smile and enjoy it just as much as I am.

So it's really humbling and, you know, to be on that list of the past M.V.P. winners is something pretty incredible, it really is.

On if she's playing the best basketball of her life "I went overseas this last year and I made a commitment to get better, mentally, physically to get better at something that I wasn't very good at and it's something as as a pivot or a jab step, being consistent on the free throw line, rebounding every game as being a way to affect the game.

I tried to carry that over into the WNBA which is the hardest, most intense league you can play in women's basketball, so if you can get it done here you can feel pretty good about yourself. That was the mindset I brought in coming into the summer and it's worked out pretty well.

On receiving 27 first-place votes: "I didn't know what the tally was and I don't think it matters. Anyone who was up for the award, Tamika, Katie Douglas, Cappie, everyone was deserving, they had amazing seasons. It was fun to watch, I followed them. The award, you know, should say Phoenix Mercury on it, that's the way I feel. Everyone contributed to what it is. It's pretty special."

On if she ever lost her focus this summer: "For a minute, I did lose my focus and it's a situation that I'll always keep in the back of my mind. It reminds you how fragile life and one's career is, whether it's in sports or writing. If it's something that you love to do, you should never put it in jeopardy and for a minute there I did and I'll keep that in the back of my head for the rest of my life."