Postgame Quotes: Eastern Conference Finals Game 1


(On the run in the second quarter) “The thing was that we came in the first quarter defensively poor and we just needed to get a feel since we hadn’t played since Friday. We needed to get a feel at how it was going to be and when the second quarter started our defense started to click in and we did that in the second quarter.”

(On the third quarter run) “Those were big possessions that we had and we rely a lot on our guard play. Deanna (Nolan) is playing lights out right now, (Shavonte) Zellous as well because she has been attacking the basket and getting to the free-throw line. When you can get to the free-throw line and attack you get good open looks and dribble penetration. We created good opportunities and we made some shots.”


(On the late run in second quarter) “I think that it gave us the momentum going into the third with that 5-0 run going into the half. Just going out and attacking more is what we were doing. We were limiting them to one shot, getting the rebounds and running. We just had to buckle down and play defense and that is what we did.”

(On lack of turnovers) “That was one of our main keys and main focus to take care of the ball. In the past they had scored so many fast break points on our turnovers, so we did a great job in the second half of taking our time and not forcing anything and you can tell that by the outcome of the game.”

(On going back to Indiana) “We know that they are going to come out extremely hard being that it can be a close out game for them. At the same time, the second game is the hardest one to win and we can’t turn it over there either.”


(On her play) “I think that I needed to help out a lot since Katie (Smith) was a big part of the offense with Deanna (Nolan). So I have to come out on the floor, off the bench, and give us some energy and help with some of the scoring. I just felt the flow of the game when I came in the first quarter and we were down 11. I needed to produce coming off the bench and me getting to the free throw line is something that I’ve done my whole career.”

(On the run) “It was a great boost. We just had to stay together after being down 11 because every team makes a run. In the second quarter we kind of buckled down, played some defense and that is how we were able to make our run. We just kept saying to cut the lead down and cut the lead down before halftime.”


(On the Shock) “It felt like Detroit played like a team that wanted to win the game more than we did and that was very disappointing to me. I thought their effort on the boards, their thirteen offensive rebounds, their tenacity; their toughness was greater than ours. We started out pretty well in the first half, but I felt at times in the second half we did not match their energy, their effort, or their sense of urgency. We did have that sense of urgency in the Washington series but we did not have that tonight. Now, our backs are against a wall. We have to go home and we have to play better on Friday.”

(On the Shock containing Tamika Catchings) “I thought they did a good job just defending her, switching and putting a good line of people on her, and trying to make it tough for her to get good looks. I have to give them credit, Detroit, when the want to, can be a very, very good defensive team. They can be very tough. They had eight blocked shots tonight. Every time we tried to get to the rim someone blocked one of our shots. They’re a very talented team. I don’t think they did anything unique; they didn’t trap her or anything like that. They certainly were focused on her and on (Katie) Douglas.”


(On the game) “I think we let a big opportunity get away. I think that we started off very well, kind of got them back on their heels, and then they went on a big run. I think it was a two-point game at halftime and then their runs definitely were more substantial in the second half then ours were. We gave them some confidence going in, and that’s tough when you’re playing on the road.”

(On the pressure of a must-win game) “I think there’s definitely pressure, our backs are against the wall. I don’t think that there’s any more pressure than just the thought of the elimination. We look forward to getting back, watching the video, making some tweaks and coming out Friday with a lot more energy than we did today.”