San Antonio Silver Stars Media Availability: Oct. 5

Dan Hughes - San Antonio Silver Stars Head Coach

Opening Statement:
Dan Hughes: Well, you've got to give Detroit credit. I thought we played a pretty good basketball game through about two and a half, three quarters. I thought their physicality, especially, showed through in the fourth quarter in lot of ways. But they tested us inside and out. They tested us offensively and defensively. So, you know, my hat's off to them. You know, I think Detroit deserves a lot of credit, I think, for playing the brand of basketball that we saw and had to deal with.

Q: In the same way Houston made a spark when the league got underway, is Detroit the new standard now in the league with three titles in six years and a couple also rans?
DH: You have to look at the reality, but they have been here, what, three straight years at this point? I don't know if they have had the consistency you saw early, but the simple reality is that they are playing at that level. And you have to tip your hat to them.

Q: Do you feel like you guys have left something on the table, when, playing in Detroit, you were doing a really good job defensively but you only took a four point lead into the half?
DH: Yeah, that's a good point. I thought they were playing pretty well, and we're shooting the basketball well. What happened today is we defended at a much higher level but put pressure on the rebounding area and didn't answer that call. I thought they got on the glass, and I tell you, they used the 3 well. That's always been a separation factor for my basketball team. You know, we were not the best three point shooting team. We had absorbed some injuries in that area, but we were a good one. We always defended the 3 well but we had trouble, and then today with Katie, Hornbuckle, Deanna Nolan hit some. That's a factor where we separated from teams, and they did a good job of answering that call and, in fact, kind of dominating that area.

Ann Wauters - San Antonio Silver Stars Center

Q: Ann, just talk about the whole season, so many people on your team played overseas and it took you a while to get going, and I guess looking forward to next year, something you've already talked about, coming back and taking the next step?
Ann Wauters: Yeah, even though right now it's very disappointing, but if we can look maybe a little bit back on our season, we had a wonderful season. You know, it is pretty tough right now to lose those Finals, especially if you come that far, of course, you want to go there and win it all. But I think we have a wonderful group, you know, wonderful teammates, great coaching staff. So there is a lot of future I think for the San Antonio Silver Stars. Yeah, I think we just have to keep building what we are doing and I think we are on the right path.

Q: Coming out strong in the first half, and you had the lead, can you talk about the second half?
AW: Yeah, like at halftime, I think we all felt pretty good. We said, yeah being we can do it. It was the first time in this series that we were leading at halftime. So to be really honest, I have no idea what happened in the second half. I think they just came out really hard. I remember they got some offensive boards that really hurt us, and they played just really strong. I guess that's just what happened because all of a sudden I look up and it's like a 10 point lead for them. So I don't know exactly what happened but it's just I think they just played a little harder than we did.

Q: You had a lot of injuries, and you used it as an excuse, but can you talk about maybe not having the depth that you had in the regular season?
AW: Of course, if our team would have been completely healthy, it would have been another story, I'm sure of that. But I guess for Detroit, you can also point that out. I'm sure they had, also, some injuries here and there. It's always the end of the season, those playoffs are really tough, very tight schedule, but I'm not looking for excuses. But still, I'm sure if we would have been a whole team healthy, it would have been a different game.

Erin Buescher - San Antonio Silver Stars Forward

Q: Can you talk about the series?
Erin Buescher: Detroit was just a little bit hungrier than we were, but it was a special season. A year ago, San Antonio wasn’t even on the map. Coach [Dan] Hughes and everyone in this room have just put together an incredible, incredible group. It’s just one more experience to put in the bank, and we will focus on next year, next season, come back even stronger. We’ll see the things that we dropped the ball in, and be ready for next time.

Q: Can you take away anything from this yet or is it too soon?
EB: Right now the sting is pretty fresh, but I just think that we buckled in this last Finals series and way back and it’s uncharacteristic of us. We need to take a look at that, but there were also a lot of positives to take away in coming in second in the WNBA when you weren’t even in consideration last year or probably from a lot of other people at the beginning of the season. It was a successful season and a special season with each other.

Q: What did Coach Hughes have to say after the game?
EB: Coach Hughes just thanked us. It’s pretty incredible, we didn’t really give him what we hoped to give him – he was gracious, and thanked us, and talked about how he was sad he wasn’t going to be able to coach us for another day and individually thanked everyone involved.

Vickie Johnson - San Antonio Silver Stars Guard

Q: What are your thoughts on the series?
Vickie Johnson: It was a good series. They were the better team. They won.

Q: What was your game plan coming into Game 3?
VJ: Just to be aggressive, but they made shots and made plays.

Q: Did your preparation differ at all coming into today?
VJ: No, not really, just come out and play our style of basketball and like I said, they have a veteran team, they’ve been to the championship before and they got a pretty good bench. When they traded for Taj McWilliams, it took their team to the next level.

Q: How did these Finals games differ from your regular season games against Detroit?
VJ: Well, you know, Taj is the difference. She wasn’t there in the regular season. She’s an All-Star; she’s a great player – one of the top ten post players in this league. She did her role and she played well for them.