San Antonio Silver Stars Media Availability: Oct. 3

Dan Hughes - San Antonio Silver Stars Head Coach

Opening Statement:
Dan Hughes: Well, you look at the game and I thought from the standpoint of their beginning, you know, we were able to deal with it in the game. But it took a lot of energy out of us, you know. I mean, we've had some very typical finishes to this, but not too many typical beginnings that we had in the game. Obviously the initial part put us in a situation where we exerted a lot of energy. And we did a great job getting back; did an absolutely great job.

The most problematic thing for us probably was points in the paint. Along with I thought Katie Smith made some timely plays for them, as she will do. But points in the paint probably stands out in my mind. We didn't get a lot done in there. Settled sometimes for jump shots in situations and they got a lot more done inside there. But, you know, it's a tough loss. But one this is a very resilient group. And stings but it's not going to put us down.

Q: You mentioned the slow start, for the second straight game, what do you do to resolve that issue?
DH: Well, I think there's a couple things, to be honest with you. I think it's a matter of us you know, it's funny, you'll watch when players unaggressive and unassertive and it's not always that they don't want to. Sometimes it's more analytical, you know. A thought process that overrides them. I mean, the first thing I did when I found a change in us was we simplified what we were doing, got more basic in our attack and all of a sudden started playing rather than thinking. So I think I've got to ask less of them from the standpoint of schemes and different things like that. Get a little bit closer to who we are. The and I think all of a sudden things will be a little more aggressive. Then you tend to create that flow.

But, you know, give Detroit credit in a couple ways. I thought they came out strong. They came out strong, made shots, did things, put pressure back on us. And I think we answered. But with the present rotation I have, it's just it has been problematic to spread the floor and defend quite like in key points of the game as you look over the whole game as we have or would like to. And we've got to solve a little bit of that issue between now and Sunday.

Q: You mentioned the fact that you were unable to spread the offense. You had trouble shooting three pointers. Is that basically the main reason why you couldn't go down low, they were collapsing on you?
DH: Well we missed shots too. I'm looking here, we took a few at that point. You know, I mean, we I thought Becky got it going late. But simple reality is a lot of times, she gathers a lot of attention.

The three, we're not the best shooting three team, but if you look in comparison between our ability to defend it and shoot it, it is a key factor in our play. And they've done a good job at this point of us not being able to create that as part of our offensive flow. And you know, part of it is I think, you know, the loss of Wade has been a void for us in a lot of situations. Now we've got to find a different person to complement Becky when they spread the floor.

I thought Vickie Johnson played a good basketball game and we may have to look there. But we've got to spread the floor and space it a little better then bring that element into it to get the offensive flow that we normally played with.

Q: Experience is kind of a clichť thing in this series, but is it one of these things where you have to go through these experiences to eventually overcome them in the Finals? Because this is your first Finals?
DH: No I don't think that at all. I mean, I'm not a rocket scientist but I think it's about playing good basketball. We haven't played good enough basketball yet. But I will guarantee you this: We're open minded about the future.

But we just haven't played good enough basketball yet and they have. We're not real good on excuses here, and we've won enough that we take ownership. We will be open minded about what game three will bring. And give a nod to them as to what they've done to this point.

Ann Wauters - San Antonio Silver Stars Center

Q: Can you talk about your thoughts on tonightís game?
Ann Wauters: It was very tough for us to come back in that game, but we did. I think we lost a lot of energy doing that, and at the end we couldnít finish it. I give credit to Detroit because they played a good game. Itís a best-of-five series so itís not over yet, but right now I think weíre all a little disappointed. Weíre not going to give up. Weíre going to travel tomorrow to Detroit and then weíll see what happens in Game 3.

Q: You mentioned you spent a lot of energy there in the second quarter trying to make that comeback. Can you talk a little bit about that span and what it did to your energy in the game?
Ann Wauters: I donít know what happened. In that first quarter, I donít know if it was the warm-ups or something, but we were not ready. There were a lot of things going on, but I donít want to find excuses. Itís just that we werenít ready to play. Itís hard when you are down by 17 to get back into the game, but we did it. I just think that we lost just a little too much energy in coming back.

Q: Is there one thing that you can point the finger at and say, ďThis is something we did wrong,Ē or was it a combination of things?
Ann Wauters: I think itís a combination. Itís now two games that we kind of did the same thing. Tonight, it was in the first quarter that we just didnít start well at all. It was a horrible quarter. In Game 1, it was the second quarter. Now we just have to try to play four quarters of good basketball and just play how we used to play and how we can play, and how we played all season to be successful.

Becky Hammon - San Antonio Silver Stars Guard

Q: This team, seems like they see the mistakes they make and kind of correcting that. Kind of seems like it was some of the same things that hurt you in Game 1. Getting behind early and having to come back.
Becky Hammon: I thought we came out a little bit better actually with more energy. The problem was we didn't make any shots. And life is difficult when they're shooting 80 percent and we're shooting five percent or whatever it was. It wasn't enough. So we dug ourselves a hole, and we fought back. You know, we exerted a lot of energy to crawl back into that game. And, I mean, they shot 51 percent from the floor, 50 percent from the three.

Right now, they're outplaying us. There's no excuses. We're not shooting the ball well. I still believe in my team. The problem is, I haven't seen my team yet. But I feel you're never going to see me give up, ever. So I don't think my team will ever. That's not in our DNA, to give up.

Q: Seems like when you guys play with a sense of urgency that you play well and can get back into the game. How do you extend that for the whole game in the next game?
BH: Well, I mean, down the stretch, I mean, we don't want to have to rely on, you know, me coming down and pulling off no passes off nothing. I mean, those are like you're basically like a quarterback in a football game at that point and you're going no huddle. You're just trying to get anything you possibly can without going through a set defense.

Katie Smith has just been killing us. So we're going have to find a solution for her. She's facilitating a lot of people. You know, so we just have to find ways. And this team has always found ways. We're a very good road team. And like I said before, we've been talking the talk a lot. Now it's time for us to walk the walk about, you know, just believing and always fighting.

Q: Becky down 0-2 and having to go to Detroit now, what adjustments, play wise or mentally, does this team need to make to get back in it?
BH: Well, I always -- we've got to get some rest; we're a little bit banged up; hopefully. Some of these players that have been banged up for us, you know -- I don't really know how much of a part that plays in it. I don't know. Not getting any subs in. I don't know.

Right now we have to go into Game 3, and, you know, I'm somebody who I'm big on mental preparation a lot as well. And we've got to just start seeing that ball go in. I mean, we have some capable shooters, and we just -- two nights in a row, we just haven't shot the ball well. And sometimes you are doing the same things, you know, you've taken that shot a thousand times, and for whatever reasons -- I just told Sophia, you know, eight out of ten nights, we're going to knock down that shot at a 55 percent clip; if you want to give up those high post shots, those short baseline shots. So we've had our two nights. Now we've got to get back to the 80 percent, the eight out of ten way that hopefully the ball goes in.

Q: Becky, the enthusiasm that you've created in the community, I know you want to come back here. You want to fight back and come back. But just tonight, the crowd size, the way people got into it, can you sort of talk about what it's meant to the league to have the team do this well?
BH: Well, we've been working very hard in the community. I know during the Olympic break, the girls were out and about. And I'm really proud of what we've been able to accomplish here in the last few years of getting the city excited about us.

It absolutely stinks to have a crowd like that and come in and shoot the ball like that. I mean, it just makes me cringe to think if somebody just came to their first women's basketball game to think they saw that game and think that's what it's about, because it's not. We have some very skilled players. We just didn't knock it down. Hopefully, if we can force this thing into a Game 5, which I believe we will, hopefully they'll come back and fill up the arena and we'll give them a real taste of what San Antonio

Erin Buescher - San Antonio Silver Stars Forward

Q: What can the Silver Stars take away from a Game 2 loss?
Erin Buescher: Itís incredibly disappointing to walk away with another loss at home. But this team isnít going to quit. We like to get into holes and come back from them. We play with a lot of heart. We are disappointed but no one is throwing in the towel. We have a good outlook and have to just keep working. We havenít played how we feel like we can play. Detroit has been hitting big shots but we arenít done. We are going to fight and take it game by game; we have to work to win Game 3. Our team has to play together and play Silver Stars basketball.

Q: What things can the team look to fix before the next game?
EB: Thereís a combination of things Ė two days ago we were fatigued and our energy was low. The next game we have to focus on our strengths and play with enthusiasm. Our rotations werenít sharp and they were a step faster. It was frustrating to be down 17 points but we have use that to learn from today Ė we canít do that in Game 3. We donít stop fighting. Itís disappointing but no one has stopped believing. Itíll be a first to come back from being down 0-2, but we think that we are still playing for a championship. We are playing to win. Detroit is a tough team and we are going to give 100 percent. Our team has to look at what we did the first two games and try not to come out and have a slow start in Game 3.

Ruth Riley - San Antonio Silver Stars Center

Q: What can the Silver Stars take away from a Game 2 loss?
Ruth Riley: We have to come out and play our best basketball, not the type we have sometimes played. We have experienced adversity before and we donít quit. Even though we are down 0-2, we have to focus on Game 3 and just keep playing.

Q: How did Detroit use the big lead to take control of the game?
RR: This was the second game in a row that they exploited us really big in a quarter. Last game, it was in the second quarter and this game it was in the first quarter. Our team has to learn to stop the pace and game and respond to big runs. Detroit does a great job of executing and getting looks on offense and that showed especially in the first half. Our team didnít shoot well but we have to remember that itís a 40-minute game.