WNBA Finals - Detroit Game 2 Quotes, Sept. 8, 2007

Detroit Shock

Cheryl Ford

On losing the game:
Ford: "The series starts all over again. We know we didnít show up today. We know we didnít come out and play with the effort and hard work that we usually come out and play with. We all agreed that we got punked, so to speak, today. We played soft. We just didnít want it today and thatís unacceptable. We discussed that already and we just have to watch film and work on some things that we need to work on and move forward. We canít look back. We canít change it. We want to apologize to our fans for not giving the effort that we should have given."

On winning a game in Phoenix:
: "We have to. We know now that we have to go to Phoenix and win a game. Itís definitely possible for us to do that, we just have to want it more."

On Diana Taurasiís performance:
"It was a great game today. We knew, the first game she didnít have it, that she would be getting hers today. We made no adjustments. Like I said we gave up though and in the WNBA Finals thatís unacceptable."

Plenette Pierson

On the team having a lack of focus:
"There's nothing else to do. We executed our game plan in Game One, great. We had a few things to tweak for Game Two. We didn't even tweak those. We didn't do the things we did well in game 1. We just have to bring our focus and execute."

On what they need to work before Game 3:
"A lot of focus. I just think its all about execution. Us executing, us taking care of the ball, us going for loose balls, and us getting reboundsÖ.Everything that we did in the first game."

On losing the game:
Pierson: "We didn't come to play. It looked like we weren't focused, we weren't. [Phoenix] played harder, they wanted it, they got it."

Bill Laimbeer

On what point in the game things got away:
"Oh, I say probably midway through the second quarter. We just stopped playing for whatever reasons. We weren't we had people who were shaking their heads and blowing off the coaches and not executing, walking through our offense. Not running back on defense. And then we put our head down and they spurted to a big lead at the half. Start the third quarter you hope you come out and play hard the first five minutes. We just came out and played for playing. And turnovers again made us put our head down again and it was a blow out."

On if Phoenix made any adjustments to take away what Braxton and Feenstra were able to do in Game 1:
": I think they tried to trap a little bit more. We'll watch the tape and I'll see what they did and didn't do. But we didn't post up as strong, we didn't attack as strong, we weren't as focused. That can't happen. They will play their defense the way they play their defense. They will make a couple adjustments, but we didn't, we weren't we didn't have that fire about us today. And our guards stopped shooting, Katie Smith stopped shooting, missed a few shots, didn't shoot any more. Deanna was frustrated. It just, we weren't physically and mentally there enough to win the basketball game. And we got beat.."

On positives Detroit can take from today's game:
"I guess the best positive is the players know what happened. In the locker room we let them talk and they knew that we had a mental breakdown today. And we weren't there like we were supposed to be there. That just gets us mad, some players get mad, some players, okay, I got to play better. But overall collectively wise it actually is a positive for us. Lose by one or by 31 is the same. That we were able to rest players, maybe that's a positive. But I think that getting beat this badly will make us mad."

Deanna Nolan

On how Detroit doesn't play well until it's got its back up against the wall:
Nolan: "I don't think our backs are against the wall yet. I just thought that tonight we just didn't show up. We kept the game pretty close until towards the end of the second quarter. It's just tonight the shots weren't falling, we wouldn't get to the loose balls, all the little things that we needed to do tonight."

On the team's confidence to overcome the loss and go back and still win the series:
Nolan: "Something we can bounce back from and we know that we just have to win one in Phoenix to comeback here for Game 5."